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Mar 03, 2011

Apartment MIEL can now be viewed on YouTube

the specialists of the office of the "University" group of companies "MIEL" and noted that today a large portion of potential buyers of apartments under the key — it's regional clients. Among them is dominated by businessmen who simply can't afford to spend enough time on a meticulous search a suitable accommodation in Moscow. However, this is offset by the fact that such clients are confidently swimming in the Internet space and use modern online services.

Managing partner of the office of the "University" group of companies "MIEL" Alla Vishnevskaya believes that in modern conditions the special importance is the interaction with the buyer. Information about the objects and pictures that are on the company's website, can't give the customer a complete understanding of what constitutes an apartment.

It is now possible to evaluate one of the objects of the company on YouTube. This apartment is located in historical part of Kiev address: St. Bolshaya Polyanka, 1/3. The house is noteworthy not only from an aesthetic point of view. It will be interesting to lovers of cultural heritage, as a monument of architecture of the early 50-ies.

The apartment is on the Sunny side. Natural light penetrates the spacious rooms, gently emphasizing their beauty. The owner also gets a great opportunity every day to enjoy the picturesque views of the Moskva river.

The apartment was frequently visited by world-famous prima ballet Maya Plisetskaya. This fact was decisive for the designer Konstantin Sabrina. Inspired by the special atmosphere, he created a project called "Maya". Due to the fact that the designer managed to skillfully convey the classic motifs in a modern finish, the experts managed to create a sophisticated, unique atmosphere of grandeur of great art.

Renovations and alterations — the important stages of preparing second homes for sale. The office staff University given special attention. For each object, prepare a unique design project, which is implemented in the shortest possible time. In addition, the company distributes data about the apartment through a variety of channels, providing free access to information.

Alla Vishnevskaya noted that before the client virtual to tour the luxury apartments with exclusive repair using the so-called 3D-tours, using the technology of panoramic photos. Now the group of companies "MIEL" started to post information about the objects on its own video channel in YouTube.

The video is devoted to a thorough acquaintance with the apartment, was filmed by professional filmmakers. At its creation were used the most sophisticated and modern equipment. This solution will allow you to quickly view the selected object in the view brief and informative videos.

You should pay attention to the fact that now the customer will be able not only to study presentation videos, but also comment them. Alla Vishnevskaya, in summary, emphasized that YouTube for the group of companies "MIEL" — not just a channel for advertising the object, and services are a means of communication with a potential buyer.

At the secondary housing market has investment potential
Jan 27, 2011
Buying an apartment as the object of investments is a common practice in Moscow. The number of investment transactions in the so-called niche segment of the secondary market, according to analysts of the office of the "University", may reach 30-40 %.
Lower prices on the secondary housing market of Moscow
Mar 04, 2011
In the past month was observed a clear positive trend of prices for second homes. By the end of February, experts noted the increase in the average cost per square meter, at the moment, the price already approached the level at which she held in December of last year. This option is 169,5 thousand rubles/sq m and it is 0.8% below what was recorded in January.
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