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Oct 16, 2008

"ASC MIEL": an elite new buildings of Moscow rise in price in rubles

"ASC MIEL" reports: during the 3rd quarter of 2008, there had been the rise of elite housing prices grew by 6.7% and reached the mark of five hundred seventeen thousand rubles per sq. m. as for the prices in dollars, they remained in the same point - we are talking about the amount of 20 $ 458 per sq. m. of housing.

Secondary Moscow market of real estate is not less happy: the ruble value of real estate in this sector grew by 13.3% in the 3rd quarter, reaching 407,8 rubles per sq. m. the Cost in dollars rose by only six percent and reached the level of 16 $ 140 / sqm About 75.5% of the Moscow apartments are located in multi-residential complexes, srednekvadratichnykh the object is about 15.8% of the apartments, on a smaller - accounts for 4.7% of the apartments, and finally, about four percent of the apartments owned by the home club.

The maximum unit price is 939,8 thousand rubles per sq. m., and applies to low-rise residential complexes. Flats at minimum cost can be found in apartment buildings - the minimum unit cost is 460,8 thousand rubles per sq. m.

As for the secondary Moscow market of elite apartments, a large percentage of sales was 40.2%, accounted for two-bedroom apartments. On 21-23% of sales 2 and 4-room apartments. Apartments that have more than four rooms, comprise 14.4 per cent of total sales. The minimum share of sales still falls on apartments with one bathroom and is 0.6%.

The maximum number of elite new buildings of Moscow is traditionally on the Arbat, as well as in the areas of Yakimanka and Khamovniki. Standard to elite apartments in the segment of the secondary housing market by number of sales and in money terms in the lead areas such as Tverskaya street, Novy Arbat, and again, Khamovniki.

The maximum specific rates on assurances of analysts recorded in the new buildings, which are located in Taganskaya area - here the value of the object can reach 612,8 thousand rubles per square meter On the Moscow secondary market leadership niche in terms of maximum cost of housing in the 3 rd quarter in the Yakimanka district - here prices reach 489,5 thousand rubles per square meter. According to General Director of "ASC MIEL", Vladislav Lutskov, the cost of real estate in the capital in Q3 will continue to grow. But unstable and unfavorable situation on the stock markets, already today affecting many areas of the economy, will lead to the fact that in the coming months we can expect stabilization of prices and stagnant demand.

"MIEL-Brokerage" in the exhibition "real Estate-2008": is there affordable housing?
Oct 10, 2008
One of the members of the nineteenth city of the exhibition "real Estate-2008" became the company "MIEL-Brokerage". About 40% of the visitors to the stand "MIEL" showed interest in the urban real estate at an affordable cost - in particular, it comes to $ 300,000.
"MIEL-Brokerage" suggested the Federation Council to develop amendments to the law "On mortgage" in part of the early repayment of the loan
Nov 05, 2008
A few days ago a Committee of the Federation Council meeting was held, the theme of which was identified the need to improve domestic Legislation in order to create the most predictable development of the mortgage. One of the participants of the "round table" became Irina Kazhikina, Deputy Director General of the company "MIEL-Brokerage"
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