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Nov 18, 2008

"ASC MIEL" in Moscow prices for Khrushchev and the "panel" with a small kitchen

 data "Analytical consulting center MIEL", October 2008 years on the regular housing market of Moscow marked increase in the volume of proposals and maintaining the average level of prices.

the Ruble prices for a month was fixed on level 188,0 thousand RUB./sq m the Average dollar price of the Moscow apartments with the strengthening of the U.S. dollar to the ruble corrected  –4.4% to 7133 $/sq m With the beginning of the year (compared to December 2007 g), the average rouble price increased by +40,0%, and average prices in dollars on  +30,5%.

Quantitative supply, as expected, continued to increase its position adding month +15%, back to the level typical for the same period last year.

 differentiation of the apartments at the size of a slight decline (–0.8 per cent) was observed in segment Studio apartments.

 territorial breakdown, the situation is as follows: in prestigious Central fixed gain of about +1% but in the sleeping areas are the North-East, the South and HLW, on the contrary, the correction in the area –1%.

Continue to increase in the price of brick buildings with a large kitchen, and in the categories panel Khrushchev and panel small kitchen — a slight decrease. In other segments, counties and categories price for reporting period does not changed.

"So on October the market continued to evolve with the trend in the previous month. As expected to whole Moscow, the offer price remained at the same level. In the price is added only the highest quality accommodations and apartment in CAO, whereas the proposal in the residential areas and housing of poor quality are corrected, as revalued in the period of rising prices,  — notes General Director of "ASC MIEL" Vladislav Lutskov. — In November, the market will continue to evolve in a similar way: on the increased volume of proposals we should expect a stagnation of prices."

"MIEL-Brokerage" suggested the Federation Council to develop amendments to the law "On mortgage" in part of the early repayment of the loan
Nov 05, 2008
A few days ago a Committee of the Federation Council meeting was held, the theme of which was identified the need to improve domestic Legislation in order to create the most predictable development of the mortgage. One of the participants of the "round table" became Irina Kazhikina, Deputy Director General of the company "MIEL-Brokerage"
On-line conference "the Purchase of finished apartments as a way to preserve cash during the crisis"
Dec 08, 2008
On 9 December from 12.00 to 15.00 on the website will take place Internet-conference "the Purchase of finished apartments as a way to preserve cash during the crisis.
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