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Sep 07, 2010

"ASC MIEL": since the beginning of the year, prices in the secondary housing market of Moscow grew by 8%

data "Analytical consulting center MIEL" during the summer, trends in the development of the regular housing market of Moscow remained unchanged.

Ruble prices continue to grow steadily, adding about 1% per month. In August, the gain is fixed at 0.9%, and price has stagnated 165,3 thousand rubles/sqm

In dollar terms the prices depend on the exchange rate. So in process of strengthening of positions of rouble price in dollars for August grew by 1.5% to 5442 $/sqm

The volume of apartments sold in the market, continues to be at the level of January values. Even slightly decreased (-1.5 percent), the number of sold housing amounted to 41.0 thousand apartments.
Once again decreased and the proportion of new objects, which in the past month amounted to only a quarter of for sale housing.

In August in the open offer decreased the proportion of one-bedroom apartments – minus 0.5 points per month.

Regarding spatial location, in late summer the highest growth rates were characteristic for housing in the South-Western administrative district (+1,8%). As for the quality of housing, the biggest growth of prices was observed in panel (+1,9%) and brick (+1.2%) houses-"Khrushchev".

"Summarizing, we can state that the offer price has played more than 8% and returned to the figures recorded on the market in early summer 2009. In addition, for the first time since the crisis began the price of the new proposal was compared to the average across the market, whereas before it appeared on sale objects have been cheaper  than the average, says luckow Vladislav, General Director of "ASC MIEL centre". - It is possible that with resumption of the activity of buyers, the situation will begin to develop rapidly: the rate of growth will grow, and the volume will gradually return to their usual performance in 35 thousand apartments".

"We see that initially forecast that the prices will be to recoup, come true. Recent months show a steady rise in the price of the order of one percent, and it becomes noticeable to the market. Now, after the summer holidays, we expect not only increased sales, but also increase the cost of housing, associated both with the  seasonal activity and  the fact that the deferred demand began to be implemented. And this trend will continue at least until the end of the year," emphasized Alexey shlenov, the General  Director of the company "MIEL-Brokerage".

"MIEL – offices of real estate": I Came, I saw, I bought
Sep 03, 2010
In 2010 marks 4 years to the new direction of the secondary market "MIEL" – the sale of vacant apartments are renovated.
Nearly a third of Muscovites are ready to mortgage ("ASC MIEL")
Sep 24, 2010
 "Analytical consulting center MIEL" studied plans of potential buyers of housing in Moscow and in the suburbs on the use of mortgage credit  in the next three years.
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