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Nov 09, 2010

"ASC MIEL": the number of apartments on the secondary market of Moscow has reached record levels

data of"Analytical consulting center "MIEL" as expected, in October 2010 the monthly growth of prices on the regular market of the capital has increased. Compared with September this year, the offer price in ruble terms increased by 0.7 per cent to $ 167,2 thousand RUB./sq m. In dollars, the increase amounted to +1.1% and the price has reached the level 5497 $/sq m

the Amount of apartments offered for sale, due to the rapidly growing merchant activity increased by 7.8% to a record high for the year of values - a reading of 48.9 thousand apartments. Thus, the current gain values of the indicators recorded in the market in the beginning of the year, by 5.3%. The proportion of new objects increased by six points and amounted to more than a third of the total market volume of apartments sold.
In the open offer continued growth in the proportion of one-bedroom apartments, which in the end amounted to a fourth part of all proposals. While still remains a low proportion of offers of affordable housing and affordable apartments average categories.

last month, the highest growth rates were typical of the apartments of the middle class (+1.2 per cent). Economy-class housing rose 0.7%. But the flat business class in price has not changed.

Relative to the size of apartments, the largest increases were for 1-bedroom apartments (+1.0%) and 3-room apartments (+1.3 percent).

the Positive dynamics of prices was observed in residential areas of the city, whereas in prestigious districts of the capital prices have not changed.

"October was marked by more activity on the part of sellers than buyers. The volume offered for sale in the regular market of Moscow reached the record level over the past year. Meanwhile, the offer price since the beginning of the year increased by 9.3%, thereby returning to the values recorded in the market last spring, says luckow Vladislav, General Director of "ASC MIEL".

"Today, there is at least a small increase in prices, indicating further recovery in the property market. On the one hand, we see a balance between supply and demand, and on the other hand, the increasing volume on the regular market partly compensates for not very a great offer of primary objects" - said Alexei shlenov, General Director of the company of"MIEL-Brokerage".

Review the website "Analytical consulting center MIEL".

"ASC MIEL": Muscovites prefer finishing housing
Oct 26, 2010
"Analytical consulting center MIEL" conducted a study of preferences of potential buyers of the Moscow region on the finish of the purchased apartments on the market as a whole, including new construction and resale.
The share of transactions by Bank transfer when buying apartments for renovation up to 43%
Nov 13, 2010
For 4 years the share of transactions by Bank transfer for the purchase of apartments without repair increased by 13% to 43%, according to the office of the "University" group of companies "MIEL" Specialists office "University" has calculated the share of transactions concluded for the purchase of apartments with repair on a regular the market for cash and cashless payments.
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