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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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Dec 02, 2015

Attention! At apartment on Leninsky Prospekt the Deposit

Attention! The Deposit for the apartment Leninsky prospect, 40. In fact, the apartment belongs to sold.

If you liked this apartment, or the neighborhood or street where it is located, you can consider other similar apartment repair.

If you are interested street or neighborhood is ready for sale not, we suggest you subscribe to newsletter new arrivals apartments and the first to have the opportunity to learn about their appearance.

We have a new arrival - the apartment is on Serebryanicheskaya embankment.
Dec 02, 2015
The list of properties has increased: 4-room apartment with designer renovation, made by individual design project, on Serebryanicheskaya embankment.
The description and photo gallery of the apartment on Serebryanicheskaya embankment added layout
Dec 03, 2015
Published layout 4-bedroom apartment renovated, made by individual design project, on Serebryanicheskaya embankment.
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