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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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May 06, 2015

Attention! Finished the repair in three-room apartment on the street stoletova, d. 17

We are pleased to announce the completion of repair work in three room apartment in the street stoletova, d. 17.

High-quality repair was made on an individual design project with the use of imported building materials. An Avangard77 provides the guarantee on repairs during the year.

today, the apartment is finished, all documents prepared for sale and a deal to be had in 3 days! In addition it is possible to pay by Bank transfer and a mortgage. View more photos in the street stoletova, d. 17 you can go to the page of the item on the website.

the Apartment is waiting for its owner!

Action "Price for the winners"
May 05, 2015
In honor of the 70th anniversary of the victory in the great Patriotic war, our company carries out the action "the winners". You will be given a discount of 9% from the cost of the cottage. The promotion is valid until may 31.
Attention! For the apartment in the street stoletova the Deposit
May 06, 2015
For the apartment in the street stoletova, d. 17 prepayment.
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