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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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Dec 22, 2015

Description of apartments in the street Udaltsova and Chistoprudny Boulevard added plan

the Layout is an important factor when choosing a future housing. Our designers have developed a new plan for apartments at the following addresses street Udaltsova d. 19 korp.2 and Chistoprudny Boulevard d. 12 korp.2.

At the moment the objects are in the process of repair, but now you can see their plan:
layout 2-room apartment in the street Udaltsova d. 19 korp.2
layout 2-room apartment in Chistoprudny Boulevard d. 12 korp.2

the Renovation will end soon, but buy today. All the documents are ready to deal. Payment is possible by Bank transfer.

Personal realtors of apartments:
the Stories of Alexander, (916) 557-17-54;
Rogov Vladimir, (916) 857-19-97

Photo gallery of the cottage was filled with new photos
Dec 22, 2015
Description 7-room cottage in the Kaluga road has added new photographs of the finished interior.
Description of apartments on Chistoprudny Boulevard and the street Udaltsov added plan
Dec 23, 2015
Published plan apartments with repairs made by individual design projects, on Chistoprudny Boulevard and the street Udaltsova.
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