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May 27, 2010

Employed Russians have chosen apartment

the real estate market have the opportunity to buy an apartment with repair, which almost immediately enter and live, while feeling quite comfortable. The main reason for such apartments is the lack of time with customers on day to day repairs.

Everyone who is celebrating a housewarming, faced with the problem that before to enter the apartment will be not a few long months of repair, surveillance of workers, tours construction markets, looking through sites which presents various designs of flats and long the embodiment of hope into reality with your own hands.

Those who have "extra" money at home buying prefer to protect yourself from the headache and buy an apartment with repair, in which designers worked. First you need to decide in the very notion of "apartment". As said Alexey shlenov, the General Director of the company "MIEL-Brokerage" , the apartment is fully renovated and equipped accommodation, which, in most cases, totally renovated. Renovations will be made to the apartment includes replacement of walls, floors, plumbing, communications, overcooking risers, replacement of Windows, installation of metal doors , balcony glazing and a boiler for hot water.

Thus the buyer assumes a lot of problems: the negotiation and signing of the papers on alterations, repairs, search, team, purchase of construction materials, etc. in Addition to this "apartment" legally clean, so after signing the contract of sale it immediately enter.

Note that the apartment began to appear on the market 5 years ago. They were mainly in demand among the wealthier people who simply have no time to do repairs. Shlyonov noted that the apartment is fairly liquid product as it is selected to be interesting and relevant, not only for repairs but also on other characteristics (location, proximity to metro, quality of the house).

of Course, the cost per square meter of the apartment increases by about 20%. "Apartment" in the segment of business and economy, now, however, such proposals can be found in the market economy. According to experts, from a small three-ruble bills with a tiny kitchen, you can make a girl with a large kitchen and living room, you go into a higher class, and will be worth less.

it Appears that one of the downsides of the apartment are supposed to have different tastes of owner and designer. However, it appears that the friends are the taste and color. As noted by Alexey shlenov, the objects are many, they are different and the buyer has to choose, while the Russians used to trust the keen eye of the designers, so that problems do not arise.

the Russians say that the repair can be interrupted, but not to finish, so the apartment is renovated, ready to accept residents almost on the day of purchase will be all the more popular product. Of course, if they be observed that the ratio of price and quality.

In Moscow have returned the boom in housing
Jan 19, 2010
For the last month of last year in the registered capital on 72% more transactions-the sale of apartments than in November: 8498 against 4941, according to data of the Russian register of Moscow.
"A gold mine" near: bought, repaired, sold
Jun 01, 2010
A survey of real estate companies showed that even in the complete stagnation of the market "secondary" apartment with a ready repair remain in high demand.
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