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Aug 24, 2010

Every other elite apartment in Moscow is located in Khamovniki

According to the "Analytical consulting center MIEL" in the second quarter of 2010, the average specific offer price in the primary market of elite housing totaled 444.6 thousand rubles per square meter. Price in the American currency reached the level of 14247 $/sqm

during the quarter, the ruble prices rose by an average of +6.8% and in USD - by +1,2%. However, rouble growth was due to the withdrawal from the primary market more expensive objects. In the houses sold earlier, prices have not changed. It is noteworthy that the sellers almost unanimously switched to the dollar price determination. Ruble prices, as a rule, appear in houses, recently released on the market, as well as those where a large volume of proposals.

To date, nearly 25% of the apartments in the luxury market offered a cheaper 10 000 $/sq. m. Such proposals include a residential complex "Garden quarters", "Chocolate", "swallowtail", "Italian quarter".

as for high price, more expensive 25 000 $/sq ft sold apartment in the residential complex "Residence Znamenka", "Barkley Plaza", "Ostozhenka Park Palace", "Eropkinsky", "grenade", "if you go 10", "Smolensk", "Respect", the "Athanasian". Overall, the share of expensive proposals is 4.8%.

an Overwhelming amount of offers are apartments in large apartment complexes (81%), but the proposals in the club houses are rare.

In recent years the share of elite objects of the middle class has doubled due to the decline in the share of lower elite class, which allows to speak about increase in the quality of elite objects in General.

I would Also like to note that recently the market energetically come out with new objects. Each sold a second apartment in the new elite is located in Khamovniki.

the Average specific offer price in the secondary elite housing market amounted to 428 thousand rubles/sq m, in dollar equivalent - 14110 $/sqm
There is a strong correlation between the size of the apartment and the price of 1 square meter. So the highest price recorded at 5-room apartment - 448 thousand rubles per square meter. The main volume of luxury and expensive apartments are traditionally offered in CAO - 58%.

"In the second quarter of 2010 the ruble prices in the segment of elite new buildings of Moscow grew by 6.8% due to the change of the dollar and structural changes. Secondary market prices rose by 7.8%. In the near future it is most likely that the trend of stabilization and moderate growth of prices, but this will depend on the development of the General economic situation, - said Vladislav Lutskov, General Director of "Analytical consulting center MIEL".

"As a rule, the price of the object is exposed at once in roubles, dollars and Euro, already before the transaction, the seller selects the most profitable currency. Now it is the dollar because the Euro is unstable, and in the fall we are seeing the traditional increase of exchange rates", - says Natalia Kats, Managing Director of the Agency exclusive property "Manor".

Price action has changed direction. Expensive apartment
Aug 06, 2010
By data "Analytical consulting center MIEL" in the past six months, the price level on the regular housing market of Moscow increased by more than 7%.
For you launched a new design of our website
Sep 01, 2010
This year marks 4 years to the new direction of the secondary market MIEL – the sale of vacant apartments are renovated.
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