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Sep 01, 2010

For you launched a new design of our website

this year marks 4 years to the new direction of the secondary market MIEL – the sale of vacant apartments are renovated. This is brand new on the Moscow market, however, product has found its customers. For 4 years sold more than hundreds of apartments business class. Repaired more than 8 thousand square meters of housing in the most prestigious areas of Moscow. The proposal proved particularly popular with business people, regional political leaders who need a "base" in Moscow, wealthy students coming to Moscow from regions of Russia. A characteristic feature of the proposed apartments is their 100% readiness to move in and stay. Due to the fact that all the apartments are furnished to a legal. face, no ordinary secondary market of the delay in the processing of the transaction. Avangard77 (the so-called new business) guarantees the transaction for 3 days. Repair is done by professional craftsmen under the author's project of famous designers. Remarkably, due to the fact that the process put on stream, repair avrorova costs the buyer on average 20% cheaper than the market level, despite the fact that he does not have to deal with them – it gets the result, not the process of spending a minute of time and not an ounce of nerves.

As always in the case of a new product there is a serious question, as to bring it to market. In the case of Avangard77 90 % of marketing is done dedicated website www.avangard77.EN, specially designed for the specifics of the new proposal. The main innovations are the technological capabilities of the Internet to best represent the quality and excellent selection of apartments. First of all, it is a quality photo large size, in detail covering all the repair features, design decisions, down to the brand built-in appliances and sanitary ware. Especially make visible the interiors of the so-called "virtual tours" - a panoramic photo technology that allows you to make a virtual tour of the apartment, so to speak to feel her spirit, volume, proportion and atmosphere, which is impossible with conventional photo. New technology especially sought-after regional buyers of this property who have no time to go for the selection of a suitable option in another city. Each apartment has been personalized realtor business card which is placed on the description page of the apartment. Professionalism is confirmed by the portfolio of sold objects, and numerous reviews of satisfied customers. An important feature of the website is also help for realtors who help buyers in search of apartments. For each proposal, you can print a colorful booklet with full information on the apartment, including apartment floor plan before and after redevelopment. This booklet allows without distortion to convey information to the customers who do not have regular access to the Internet.

Today comes the second version of the site, largely preserving the tradition of leadership in the field of marketing real estate business class.

the Most notable innovation has been a spectacular slideshow on the first page, immediately showing the goods. New technologies make it possible to achieve almost the effect of presence and immediately highlight the most significant benefits of demonstrating to real estate. The possibility of "flipping" the slide show just as easy as on i-Phone, makes the site really fascinating, except that phenomenally clear.

Also on the first page rendered on a map of the coverage areas of Moscow, made in the technique of "tag clouds". Using this map the user can immediately see the geographical location of accents in the apartments. Now we immediately see that the bulk of the proposals are available in the metro area, the University and Central districts of Moscow. With one click you can get the entire list at metro, district or street.

an Important advantage of the new site is the ability to subscribe to updates and pictures of assortment. By entering your email address, a potential customer will be able to keep track of price updates and status of the objects without spending time on re-visits to the site. The subscriber will receive notification of under complete renovation, new photos, new apartments, in which the repair has just begun, and so on.

Another rare feature of the website is the ability to download PDF – a scheme of redevelopment apartment (by the way, all formally agreed redevelopment in the BTI).

Head of a new direction MIEL A. G. Vishnevskaya is confident in his vast prospects of the Moscow market: "the format of the existing home sales renovation is very popular in the West, as sharply increases the liquidity of the object. We have adapted this format for the Russian market. The first results are impressive. People (and this is evident from the reviews) can hardly believe that in Russia it is possible to buy almost new apartment without the "fire" and long months of waiting. Nevertheless, the successful start of new business shows that Russians are no different from residents of other countries in the desire to get quick, quality and friendly service and are willing to pay for it". We invite you to the new site www.avangard77.EN. You'll see all of the above and get pleasure from the quality of the new site.


Every other elite apartment in Moscow is located in Khamovniki
Aug 24, 2010
By data "Analytical consulting center MIEL" in the second quarter of 2010, the average specific offer price in the primary market of elite housing totaled 444.6 thousand rubles per square meter.
"MIEL – offices of real estate": I Came, I saw, I bought
Sep 03, 2010
In 2010 marks 4 years to the new direction of the secondary market "MIEL" – the sale of vacant apartments are renovated.
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