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Aug 16, 2011

Good view feature adds 15% to the basic cost of the apartment

Specialists of "University", office "MIEL", it turned out that modern buyers prefer apartments, which offer a beautiful view, property with Windows overlooking the unremarkable quiet courtyards. And to get it the first option, customers agree to pay about 15-30 percent of the base value of the property. The most expensive types of capital — this, of course, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Saviour, popular are and the views of the Central embankments of the capital.

Factors that influence the pricing, a lot. There are several major ones:

  • the proximity of the property to the centre;
  • environmental and infrastructure components;
  • accessibility
  • the prestige, the respectability of the district;
  • General condition of the apartment.

The most popular for a long time remain such directions as the Central West of Moscow, North-Western and South-Western direction. Besides all the above, in forming the value of property is also taken into account such seemingly minor factors as the view from the window at the water.

Clients realty companies perceive water views from the apartment Windows as a nice and very valuable bonus to the residential object in the business class. And the fact that the overpayment for his presence can be 30 % of the base value of the property, potential buyers are not confused.

Alla Vishnevskaya, managing partner of the office of "University" provides some examples: species the value of the property, located on embankment, increased by 20 000 dollars for every sq m, and the property is on Frunze can cost more than $10 000 / sq m

By the way, Frunzenskaya has long been one of most popular waterfronts capital. Offers residential properties here are very limited, and to find in sale, which would open views of the Moscow river, almost unreal. In this situation specific parameters can increase the price of real estate up to 15  percent, even when compared to the apartment, located in this same location facing the other side, into the courtyard.

Today experts of the branch of "MIEL" we offer for sale exclusive property is situated on Frunzenskaya embankment. This option offers a multitude of advantages: large area (sixty sq m), and Windows that overlook the Moscow river and offer amazing views of the main waterway of the capital. The apartment was renovated and implemented design project copyright interior the style of Provence. The demand for an apartment is very large.

According to Alla Vishnevskaya, few apartment complexes, recently built, able to fight for the championship in the popularity ranking with the Stalin houses who are fortunate enough to be in the center of the capital, near the water. For the completion of the residential complex "Golden island" promises to be a very popular suggestion with impeccable specific parameters, analogues of which there will be no more: front of the residential complex is the Cathedral, a little further to the Kremlin. According to experts "MIEL," investments into the project can reach $1-1. 5 bn, so probably housing here will be presented exclusively in the elite class.

Regular housing market in Moscow was stabilised
Aug 16, 2011
The number of apartments on the secondary real estate market of Moscow, according to the "Analytical consulting center "MIEL", recovered after a decline, typical for may. The total number of proposals in may amounted to about 50 thousand units, which is 5% higher than in the previous month.
The volume of supply on the regular market of housing in Moscow drops
Aug 17, 2011
Analytical consulting company "MIEL" has conducted a study of the secondary market of real estate in Moscow, which revealed a seasonal decline in the number sold in July 2011 apartments.
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