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Mar 16, 2011

In February-early March of new buildings of Moscow grew in price

At the close of winter the activity of buyers in the real estate market has increased. Took advantage of some developers, which has increased the prices of their proposals, in particular on construction sites quickly. As a result, the increase of the average price proposals for new buildings in Moscow amounted to one percent: the cost has increased to 196,3 thousand rubles per square meter (or 3.4 % of $ 6700).

Economy among the structure of supply of new buildings is less than 5 %, and various changes directly affect the average value of the index on the capital. It could be lifting prices by builders of the individual houses on the remaining unsold apartments, and the emergence of new objects at the initial stage of construction.

The high pace of construction reflected in the increase in the average price of apartments in new buildings of economy class and middle class. Without discounts that are offered by many companies during the spring festival, the price rise was particularly noticeable.

In February and early March were recorded the following indicators: new economy — 113,9 thousand rubles per square meter, objects of the middle class — 124 thousand (the increase was 4 %). The objects of the business class in the final stages of construction in January rose by 0.5 %.

The General Director of "Analytical consulting center MIEL" Vladislav Lutskov, noting the increase in the value of proposals on the primary housing market of Moscow district in the late winter of 2011, management expects a further increase in the activity of buyers and increase prices by one to two percent each month, especially in relation to the objects that are accelerating construction.

The General Director of the division of the company "MIEL-new construction" Maria Litinetskaya draws attention to the fact that currently the greatest demand is for apartments in the monolithic-brick house business class up to 75 % of the total proposals. According to the company, the appearance in the capital of new objects of economy does not compensate for the pace of implementation liquid and accessible at the price of new buildings, which leads to the decline of this sector. Spring is traditionally marked by a burst of activity of buyers, but the total number of deals remains at the same level as last year. In comparison with January, February brought an increase in the volume of transactions in General is 47 %, while the share of mortgage agreements increased by 28 %.

Prices on the secondary housing increased in all the districts of the Moscow region
Mar 09, 2011
"ASC MIEL" notes that in February 2011 continued the increase in average unit prices in the housing market of Moscow region. The volume of offers on the secondary market of Moscow region remained at the level of the beginning of the year is 45.2 thousand units of real estate.
"MIEL-Brokerage" and Sobinbank: a cooperation agreement
Mar 22, 2011
Now "Sobinbank" provides customers of the company "MIEL-Brokerage" additional, more favorable conditions for mortgage loans. Credit conditions in the details provided on the Internet site where you can make a preliminary calculation on the mortgage calculator, view a database of possible objects and to read the terms of affiliate programs.
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