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Jul 12, 2010

In Moscow an increasing number of mortgage transactions

According to the "Analytical consulting center MIEL" in the II quarter of 2010, banks continued to lower interest rates and easing credit conditions. The minimum amount of own funds of borrowers amounted to 15-20% of the purchase price. Mortgage rates in the secondary market fell slightly in roubles under 14% annual (0.6 p. p. below the level of the first quarter of 2010), in dollars and euros – up to 10.7% per annum (0.1 percentage points below the level of the first quarter of 2010).

the Number of registered mortgage transactions on the secondary housing market of Moscow continued to grow. In June 2010, FRS was registered 1,980 thousand mortgage transactions, which is 3.3 times higher than in June 2009 and 12.3% higher than June 2008.

Despite the continued increase in the number of mortgage transactions in the second quarter of 2010, the monthly growth is reduced (from +75% in March and +2% in June). This is confirmed by the dynamics of the number of mortgage loans in the Moscow region. According to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation in February 2010 the number of issued housing mortgage credits by 62.6% higher than in January 2010, and in April the growth rate dropped to +16,5% compared to March.

"the Implementation of state measures aimed at supporting mortgage lending, reduce interest rates and to alleviate other conditions of mortgage lending for borrowers. Continued growth in the number of mortgage loans and mortgage housing transactions. However, the slowdown of these indicators and growth of total amount of transactions of sale confirms the completion of the implementation period of pent-up demand. His influence and the summer lull — notes luckow Vladislav, General Director of "Analytical consulting center MIEL".

"lowering the interest rates on mortgage loans is largely due to the fact that since the beginning of 2010 CBR 4 times reduced the refinancing rate – to a record high of 7.75% (01 June 2010). The average rate on mortgage loans to buy apartments in new buildings is set at 15–15.5% in rubles and 12.5-13% in foreign currency, to the registration of property rights. In some of our projects the amount of mortgage deals today is 30%. Further recovery of demand in the mortgage market will depend not only on the improvement of conditions of mortgage lending, but, first of all, the pace of economic recovery, from the customers 'confidence in the future and stability of their income", – adds Maria Litinetskaya, CEO "MIEL-new Buildings".

"Today, the mortgage is gaining momentum: banking products are getting cheaper, lower interest rates, development of new interesting proposals, conditions become more favorable for consumers. We see at least a small, but still growth, and that in relation to the previous month, it amounted to only 2% can be explained by the traditional summer lull, when people are on leave, set aside the decision of their housing problems. We assume that the growth rate can remain until the end of summer, but closer to the fall — the number of mortgage deals will increase significantly" — said Alexei shlenov, General Director of "MIEL-Brokerage".

On the regular housing market of the capital reinforced the positive price trend. The number of transactions has doubled
Jul 08, 2010
By data "Analytical consulting center MIEL" in June 2010 regular housing market of Moscow continued to increase in the price of objects offered for sale.
Every third buyer of real estate in Moscow – nemocnic
Jul 13, 2010
By the autumn of 2008, the share of regional buyers capital real estate was about 30%.
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