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Mar 04, 2011

Lower prices on the secondary housing market of Moscow

In the past month was observed a clear positive trend of prices for second homes. By the end of February, experts noted the increase in the average cost per square meter, at the moment, the price already approached the level at which she held in December of last year. This option is 169,5 thousand rubles/sq m and it is 0.8% below what was recorded in January.

Overall February was able to return the amount that was observed in the beginning of this year. Now on the market represented 51 thousand objects of real estate (+16 %). And the volume of fresh proposals is 29,9 % of the total number. If we estimate the increase in square metres and in money equivalent, he will be 14 and 13 %, respectively.

In February, a slight reduction in the cost of apartments business class: their price has decreased by 0.7 %. The level of prices on objects of economy class and middle class have remained the same. The most intensive decline was registered in CAO and CAO: in these areas the property lost 0.6 and 0.7 %, respectively. If to speak about the dependence of the cost from the square one can see the decrease in the prices of two-bedroom and one-bedroom apartments (-0,6 %).

Luckow Vladislav, General Director of "ASC MIEL", argues that the real estate market in February was able to reclaim the amount, which he reached in January of this year. This means that today the buyer has a wider choice of housing. Observed simultaneously with this strengthening of the ruble led to the preservation and even a certain decline in property prices in the national currency.

According to General Director of "MIEL-Brokerage" Alexei shlenov, to February, characterized by an increase in consumer demand. Dynamics of real estate prices observed in the first two months of the current year, stayed within 1 %, which cannot be classified as a long-term trend. At the moment there is every reason to believe that the property market has reached a balance of supply and demand.

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Mar 03, 2011
The specialists of the office of the "University" group of companies "MIEL" and noted that today a large portion of potential buyers of apartments under the key regional clients. Among them is dominated by businessmen who simply can't afford to spend enough time on a meticulous search a suitable accommodation in Moscow. However, this is offset by the fact that such clients are confidently swimming in the Internet space and use modern online services.
Prices on the secondary housing increased in all the districts of the Moscow region
Mar 09, 2011
"ASC MIEL" notes that in February 2011 continued the increase in average unit prices in the housing market of Moscow region. The volume of offers on the secondary market of Moscow region remained at the level of the beginning of the year is 45.2 thousand units of real estate.
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