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Oct 10, 2008

"MIEL-Brokerage" in the exhibition "real Estate-2008": is there affordable housing?

One of the members of the nineteenth city of the exhibition "real Estate-2008" became the company "MIEL-Brokerage". About 40% of the visitors to the stand "MIEL" showed interest in the urban real estate at an affordable cost - in particular, it comes to $ 300,000. With regard to a country estate, visitors of the fair were interested in most of the cottages economy-class area of 180-200 sqm

Slightly more than half of visitors to the stand "MIEL" (56%) asked questions related to mortgage services, in particular, are very often heard the question of how to increase the probability of approval of Bank mortgage loan to purchase the property. While 81% of those who appealed to the specialists of the company "MIEL-Brokerage", was going to buy a house with a mortgage to stay. The possibility of buying property on mortgage for the subsequent delivery of housing for rent or investment has not been directly addressed by the respondents.

According to the General Director "MIEL-Brokerage", the apartments of economy class are today the most popular type of real estate. But even in this market segment the majority of consumers are attracted mortgage loans, so as to afford the purchase of housing even the economy class on the free money can only those who have above-average incomes.

"ASC MIEL": an elite new buildings of Moscow rise in price in rubles
Oct 16, 2008
"ASC MIEL" reports: during the 3rd quarter of 2008, there had been the rise of elite housing prices grew by 6.7% and reached the mark of five hundred seventeen thousand rubles per sq. m. as for the prices in dollars, they remained in the same point - we are talking about the amount of 20 $ 458 per sq. m. of housing.
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