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Oct 11, 2010

"MIEL-Brokerage": Late payment for a washing machine may deprive the borrower of the opportunity to purchase an apartment


traditionally, Banks consider borrowers in three main categories: employees, individual entrepreneurs and business owners in any shares. The most common category – employees are employed, and that they are subject to most of the standard requirements of banks to their borrowers, and most of the factors that can lead to denial of credit.

One of the main criteria that guided the Bank, making decision on issuance of credit – proof of income. In addition to certificates confirming the salary of the borrower, the banks also consider other official income – information on dividends, insurance payments, deposits, rental income. The probability of the loan increases the availability of assets – land, interests in real estate, car, etc. the Borrower needs to optimally honestly provide all information about earnings, kind of the enterprise activity, as well as on the existing loans, despite the fact that their presence can serve as a serious constraint.

the borrower's Credit history – a very important aspect. The presence of delays in payments can be a serious disadvantage for the Bank. For example, the presence of two or three arrears for more than five days in any situation may result in refusal of credit. "This is the main problem that people do not fault of their own faced after the financial crisis of 2008. Late payment on the loan even for the washing machine may deprive the borrower of the opportunity to purchase an apartment through a mortgage loan" – said Alexander Serebryakov, a Deputy CEO of mortgage software company of"MIEL-Brokerage".

Another important point – higher education of the borrower. It is important for the Bank the availability of diploma and professional knowledge, as it increases the value of the borrower as demanded specialist. The loan officer assesses the ease with which a potential customer in the future 15-20 years will be to find a new job, because the Bank requires that the loan was paid in a timely manner, and payment culture of the borrower depends on the regularity of his income. In addition to higher education are also considered and seniority. In most cases, the overall experience should be not less than one year, and at least six months in last place of work.

another important point when assessing the borrower – civil status documents – the passport and driving license. "There are cases when from-for negligent attitude to the documents the borrowers temporarily refused to consider the loan. Additional notes, erasures, extra seals make the passport invalid, and on that basis the loan and the transaction of sale can be challenged" – said Alexander Serebryakov.

For a more thorough analysis of the banks require additional documents certifying the identity of the borrower. For example, such a document can be a driver's license. Previously, banks required the help of psychological and narcological dispensaries, in order to understand that mental health buyer normal. Now this is no longer required, but driver's license –a weighty testimony in favor of the borrower.

an essential document for men under the age of 27 years, is a military ID. Its absence can also be a reason for refusal, if there is no logical and legitimate explanation.

the attention banks are paying and overall health of the borrower. It is important that he was able-bodied and able to service their loan. The presence of serious diseases will lead to permanent failure.

Traditionally, as potential borrowers by banks are more willing to be considered a full family, because of the risk of loss of work by both spouses at the same time small. In some of the European banks there is some subjective evaluation system of the client, which in General does not affect the failure, but may result in reduction of the loan amount. For example, in this evaluation, the man or woman in a second marriage, are characterized as more volatile clients.

in Addition, banks are not always willing to lend to people of creative professions, as their financial situation trudnoprohodim, and representatives of areas of high risk, where high injury rate for the borrower.

"Although there are many factors that can lead to denial of the loan, the mortgage becomes more accessible to the public.

Banks are on the path of liberalization and soften the requirements for potential borrowers. Today on the foreground there is an individual approach in the consideration of candidates for the grant of a loan. In addition, when you contact a reliable real estate company, a mortgage consultant will be able to find each client the most suitable program from a huge number of offers of banks, which will best meet its conditions and possibilities" - said Alexander Serebryakov.


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