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Apr 26, 2011

Modern table for enlightened public

the Professionals working in the office of the "University", which is part of the group of companies "MIEL", conducted a study. They found: approximately 50 % of buyers of objects of the Moscow residential real estate pertaining to the business class, buy flats of free planning in which there is no finish. The second half of shoppers opted for ready to move flats. The greatest demand among the clients belonging to the second group, are the apartments, which are located in Metropolitan houses built in the early XX century (this period, as we know, was characterized by the flowering of art Nouveau).

Alla G. Vishnevskaya, who served as managing partner of office "the University", said that the art Nouveau style at the beginning of the last century has significantly altered the architecture of European cities, including Moscow. The beginning of the last century was marked by increased rate of construction of dwelling houses and elegant mansions in the capital. Noteworthy architectural masterpieces created by Lev Kekushev, Fyodor Schechtel, Ernst Niernsee. Simultaneously, wealthy merchants began to actively buy up land plots, located in Central Moscow.

You should pay attention to the house No. 5, located on the 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya street. Built in 1911, it is a preserved masterpiece of modernist architecture, designed by Ernst Niernsee. Characteristic features of the building are Windows that have a hexagonal shape, and a magnificent mosaic composition. It should be noted that these design decisions were non-standard for Metropolitan architecture of those years, and today they continue to be a worthy decoration of Moscow.
House # 5 is located near the Garden ring, which could be considered a drawback, but in this case it is perhaps an advantage. It is necessary to take into account the fact that on the 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, as you know, organized unilateral vehicular traffic, so traffic noise in the evening and night hours to the residents of the house No. 5 does not disturb. Each apartment Windows overlook the courtyard and on the street exactly as it was instituted during a time when the building was created.

On each floor of the house No. 5 is only 2 apartments. One of those that are on the 4th floor of the house, prepared by the office of the "University" for sale.

Alla Vishnevskaya says that working with such unique objects as house No. 5 on 4th Tverskaya-Yamskaya street, requires the most responsible approach. The architects of the company "MIEL", knowledgeable about it, completed the survey of the apartment and with utmost accuracy removed all the layers related to the Soviet era. Experts found the authentic decorative elements and extremely elegant architectural proportions.
Before the masters was not the problem in detail to restore the object, but to convey the spirit of the early twentieth century they succeeded. Among the advantages of apartment Alla Vishnevskaya notes the excellent organisation of space and the availability of Italian furniture and home appliances in the kitchen area. The transaction of purchase and sale can be concluded in 3 days (this efficiency, in particular, due to the fact that the apartment is free not only physically, but also legally).

Apartments in Moscow are buying a top-managers and young specialists from St. Petersburg
Apr 26, 2011
Expanding the network of real estate agencies "MIEL" and active cooperation of the company with partners such as the Corporation "Adveks. Real estate", has led to a significant increase in the number of cross-border transactions between Moscow and large cities of the Russian Federation. This trend is reported to the management of "MIEL-Brokerage".
In Moscow, a growing number of customers wishing to improve their living conditions
May 04, 2011
"Analytical consulting center "MIEL" has published the results of his research, according to which in April 2011 there was a significant decrease in the volume of new proposals in the secondary market of Moscow housing. The overall increase in the volume of proposals for the month amounted to 5.7 % (to 55 thousand dwellings), while the share of apartments put on sale for the first time dropped to 21 % of the total amount (13 points).
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