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May 17, 2011

More than a million residents, the more million to the price of the apartment

Today, we can confidently conclude the fact that the difference of prices in the residential property market in Moscow and other megacities (cities with a population of over one million inhabitants) has reached a crisis level. Approximately 40-50% at the moment is the difference in cost of housing between the Russian capital and St. Petersburg. If you compare prices for apartments in Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod, the difference is more than 50-60%.

Consumer demand for housing is growing. This is especially true of cross-border transactions between Metropolitan areas. Most of these transactions have on alternative. The greatest number of exchanges of housing was found among those who are planning to buy an apartment in Moscow and want to sell their own housing in Nizhniy Novgorod or St. Petersburg. On the other hand, the number of return transactions is constantly growing.

Residents of Nizhny Novgorod and St. Petersburg do not seek to buy apartments in new buildings of the capital - they are more interested in the secondary market of Moscow housing. Interested in new buildings where fewer buyers. But Moscow residents seek to buy in Nizhniy Novgorod or Moscow apartments in buildings of recent construction that has an improved layout. However, in St. Petersburg more often flats are sold on the secondary market: more often in houses of block or panel type on the 9-12 floors.

CEO of the famous company "MIEL-Brokerage" Alexei shlenov said that in long distance transactions, as a rule, is attended by those buyers who wish to buy housing for themselves. However, none of the buyers refuse to pay attention to the investment attractiveness of the offer on sale of apartments.

Moving often aimed at seeking to improve their own living conditions. Please note that even one-room apartment in Moscow, if we are talking about exclusive objects will cost more 3,65 million rubles. The location of this object - the area Vyhino. Located just ten minutes away from the metro station. Is the apartment in the Khrushchev on the ground floor. The kitchen area is 5.2 square meters, living area - slightly more than 32 square meters.

The same 3,65 million rubles will have to spend in St. Petersburg. But to buy two-bedroom apartment located in close proximity to the metro station "Udelnaya". The kitchen area in the apartment sold is more than 11 square meters. Total area just over 55 square meters. The apartment itself is located in 17-etazhke on the ground floor.

The same 3,65 million rubles ask for an apartment located near the metro station "Leninsky prospect". Two-bedroom apartment with area of 63 square meters and a kitchen 7.3 square meters.

If we talk about Nizhny Novgorod, there are 3.65 million request for a two-bedroom apartment on the top floor of the ten-storied house (brick house). Its area is 80 square meters. The apartment has two balconies.

On the basis of an exclusive real estate Agency "MIEL" we find the inexpensive one-bedroom apartment in Moscow. At the moment it costs $ 4.4 million rubles. The apartment is located 10 minutes away from the metro station in the Moscow district Lyublino. Its total area is 46 sq. meters. The apartment itself is located in the five story building on the ground floor.

In St. Petersburg at the price of 4.4 million rubles, you can buy housing on the 4 floor of a five houses - two-bedroom apartment in close proximity from the metro station "Baltic" in "the brick" with an area of almost 57 square metres (two balconies). For the same money there is an opportunity to buy a two-bedroom apartment in St. Petersburg, and in new the monolithic house on the 9th floor, was built five years ago. The apartment area is 75 square meters. And on the 1st floor of a nine-panel house near the station "pioneer" in Saint-Petersburg you can buy a four-room apartment. Its area is 74 sq meters.

In Nizhny Novgorod 4.4 million rubles worth apartment of 120 square meters open-plan on the 4th floor of novostroiki.

The cheapest apartment in Moscow today is estimated at 5.5 million rubles. Apartment for sale in the Tekstilshchiki district. Located on the 1st floor in a five-storey building. Its area is almost 60 square meters.

For 5.5 million rubles in St. Petersburg you can buy housing near the metro station "Prospect Bolsheviks" - a two-bedroom apartment, which area is 100 square meters. The apartment itself is located in a monolithic building (21 floors) on the 7th floor. Those 5.5 million will have to pay for a two-bedroom apartment near the station "Vasileostrovskaya". This apartment is on the first floor of an old house. Its area is 86 square meters. Also for that amount you can buy an apartment on the third floor in an old house, located at the promenade near the river Moika. Its area is 85 square meters. The size of the kitchens at the above mentioned facilities are not less than 10 square meters.

5.5 million rubles in Nizhny Novgorod - the amount for which you can buy an apartment on the 5th floor of the ten-storied house with four rooms. Total area of apartment is 130 sq meters.

Alexei shlyonov notes that most customers who participate in real estate transactions in the directions of the capital to St Petersburg and is the capital of Nizhniy Novgorod in 90% of cases going to alternative transactions. The company "MIEL-Brokerage" in the case of cooperation with Nizhny Novgorod or St. Petersburg, as a rule, works with its partner - "Adveks.The estate". This Corporation offers the most comprehensive and largest database on these your cities. Regardless of the complexity of exchange, experienced lawyers are ready to spend. Contribute worked fine over the years, the technology of cross-border transactions. So customers can be assured of prompt solving their tasks.

Vacation as a gift
May 13, 2011
From the beginning of may to end of August real estate Agency "MIEL-new Buildings" held the action, to participate in which everyone can buy a property in new city Reutov
Million square meters without a permit
May 19, 2011
At the moment the primary market of Moscow presents more than a dozen fairly large projects that will be offered the apartment.
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