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Sep 24, 2010

Nearly a third of Muscovites are ready to mortgage ("ASC MIEL")

 "Analytical consulting center MIEL" studied plans of potential buyers of housing in Moscow and in the suburbs on the use of mortgage credit  in the next three years.

27% of respondents in the three years planned to obtain a mortgage for the purchase of housing. 67% did not plan to get a mortgage loan, and 6% could not decide on their choice.

However, according to Management rosreestra in Moscow in the implemented spring-summer demand in the secondary market the share of mortgage deals amounted to 22-26%, which, taking into account the error coincides with the data of the study.

About two thirds of those buyers who are going to take a mortgage loan, are ready to make an initial payment of 500 thousand rubles. 5% of respondents expressed readiness to make  the amount from 250 up to 500 thousand rubles, and from 751 thousand to 1 million rubles.
22% of respondents could not estimate the size of a possible contribution.

However, about a quarter of respondents from those who are going to take a mortgage loan, are ready to make a monthly payment 9-15 thousand rubles. 21% found it difficult to estimate their financial capabilities on the size of their monthly payments.

But the fifth part is prepared to make only up to 9 thousand roubles as monthly payment.

These potential borrowers can be attributed to the low-income group. Accordingly, they expect to take out a mortgage for the maximum term, or mortgage loan plan will cover only a small portion of the value of the object, and the rest of the costs of the mortgage they plan to pay from other sources.

17% of respondents are ready to make a Deposit from 15 to 21 thousand rubles and 10% of respondents able to payment in the amount of from 21 to 27 thousand rubles. Potential borrowers given level of credit belong to the group transition from low-to middle-income. In such conditions it is possible to maintain medium-term or long-term mortgage credit for affordable housing, with a significant (30-50%) down payment. 5% of potential buyers agree  add 27 to 36 thousand rubles a month.

And only 2% of respondents are able to make monthly payment in the amount of more than 36 thousand rubles. This group refers to srednegorodskoy, i.e. the borrowers are able to service various types of loans on commercial terms, beginning from medium-term credit for affordable housing are taken with a minimum down payment.

"Mortgage is undoubtedly many additional financial instrument as at insufficiency of own funds, and, if unavailable, other concessional loans. It can be assumed that if the actual mortgage loan on attractive, the potential buyer will be able to "narrowing down" and, if necessary, to pay 10-15% more than originally planned, says Nikita Chulochnikov, head of Department of sociological researches "ASC MIEL". - Budget for the purchase of the housing is formed as follows: the prospective borrower allocates from its actual or intended  the income of such part to the remaining amount  enough for "tolerable" existence.  the Most important thing for the borrower, it is sound financial planning and stability in the balance of his income and expenses  during the period of loan repayment.  

"Today, the mortgage  not a  "scary"factor for potential buyers, despite the past  the crisis and the serious problems that occurred to many  people who took DL to the crisis mortgage loan.    population  there is a renewed confidence in the future, and to the mortgage once again began to be treated as  reliable  the tool is able to solve the housing problem. And the fact that almost 30% of potential buyers ready this tool to use –   a very positive indicator, and we expects that it will continue to increase.   This contributes to the fact that banks are on the path of liberalization, optimize and extend  the product range, and soften the requirements for potential borrowers" - said Alexey shlenov, the General Director of company "MIEL-Brokerage".

do You Plan to make a mortgage loan to buy a house?
(sum of responses equals 100%)


How much money do You plan to make as a down payment for a mortgage/consumer loan?
(% of those who are planning to get a loan)

much money You are willing to pay as monthly payment for mortgage/consumer loan?
(% of those who are planning to get a loan)

A survey of potential customers contemplating the purchase of housing in the next period (1-3 years), held in June 2010 through telephone interviews. The sample consisted of 540 people. Respondents were residents of Northern, North-Eastern districts of Moscow (Zelenograd, Moscow, molzhaninovskiy, Kurkino, Mitino, Tushino, near Zapadnoye Degunino, Dmitrovsky district) and its suburbs.

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