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Aug 04, 2011

Office "University": buyers to check with the Greenwich

Managing partner of the office of the "University" group of companies "MIEL" Alla Vishnevskaya firmly certain that the increase in the area of the capital of Russia — this is a forced measure, which would qualitatively improve social norms of housing for the citizens of Moscow. In the same way in due time developed capitals of the European countries, and the result we see now.

At the moment in Russia the average housing is about 23 sq km per person. For Moscow this figure is somewhat lower — less than 20 sq m. This is far from the norms operating in the countries of the European Union. In connection with this situation, not all buyers of apartments in the business class have the opportunity to live according to European standards.

If we compare London and Moscow, the Russian capital (in today's borders) is much inferior to the area of the British capital, but by population wins with a margin of more than 3 million people. Such differences in the ratio of population and area prevent Moscow to reach European standards. Increasing the area will help to come closer to them.

With regard to the proposals from the group of companies "MIEL": according to available data, in every real estate buyer's business class with fully completed, accounting for 30-40 sq m of living space. These figures correspond to the European standards.

At the moment the photo gallery includes more than sixty of the most interesting proposals. To objects, are in high demand include bedroom and two bedroom apartments. Their shares are 49 and 38%. Share three bedroom apartments — 4  million, and one — 9  percent of the total.

Average size:

  • 1 bedroom — 51 sq m;
  • 2-room — 60 sq m;
  • 3-room — 91 sq m;
  • 4-room — 119 sq m

Couples who failed to have children, prefer a two-bedroom apartment. A couple with a child — a two-bedroom.


The buyer of an apartment in G. Reutov received the gift of a vacation
Jun 24, 2011
Those wishing to become owners of one of the new apartments in Reutov have a unique opportunity to participate in the event, which is held by the company "MIEL-new Buildings" together with the travel company TUI. "Leave a gift" — an offer that allows you to buy property on favorable terms and to become the owner of a gift certificate for a trip.
Regular housing market in Moscow was stabilised
Aug 16, 2011
The number of apartments on the secondary real estate market of Moscow, according to the "Analytical consulting center "MIEL", recovered after a decline, typical for may. The total number of proposals in may amounted to about 50 thousand units, which is 5% higher than in the previous month.
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