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Mar 09, 2011

Prices on the secondary housing increased in all the districts of the Moscow region

"ASC MIEL" notes that in February 2011 continued the increase in average unit prices in the housing market of Moscow region. The volume of offers on the secondary market of Moscow region remained at the level of the beginning of the year is 45.2 thousand units of real estate.

In February, the objects, presented for the first time buyers accounted for 35 % of all proposed dwelling units, i.e., their share increased by 2.7 %. The volume of proposals in financial terms decreased by 2.6 %, and the total area is 4.1 %.

During this period, the average unit price proposals of the permanent housing market of Moscow region increased to 74 thousand rubles per square meter (an increase of 1.7 %). The economy has risen more other segments — at 2 %. The rising cost of housing with a small kitchen in prefabricated houses amounted to the end of the month at 2.2 %.

The growth of prices and objects business class (up 1.6 %), the cost of real estate of the middle class increased by 1.5 %. Apartments with superior quality construction in the monolithic-brick houses in February 2011 became more expensive by 3.2 %. The increase in housing prices at the close of winter has touched absolutely all areas of the Metropolitan region.

The General Director of "ASC MIEL" in his comments stressed that the trend of increase in the cost of apartments in the suburbs, which appeared last year, relevant and current. The price increase is expected in the future.

The General Director of company "MIEL-Brokerage" Alexei shlenov added that throughout the capital region since the beginning of the year, there is a growth in consumer initiatives. First in all the segments it is possible to realize a relatively inexpensive property. Its share is decreasing and the prices of all sectors are growing. It is worth noting an interesting fact: buyers in transactions practically are not traded — this means that offers sellers generally meet their requirements. Spring is expected to increase in the number of transactions, because in this period, buying activity traditionally increases.

Lower prices on the secondary housing market of Moscow
Mar 04, 2011
In the past month was observed a clear positive trend of prices for second homes. By the end of February, experts noted the increase in the average cost per square meter, at the moment, the price already approached the level at which she held in December of last year. This option is 169,5 thousand rubles/sq m and it is 0.8% below what was recorded in January.
In February-early March of new buildings of Moscow grew in price
Mar 16, 2011
At the close of winter the activity of buyers in the real estate market has increased. Took advantage of some developers, which has increased the prices of their proposals, in particular on construction sites quickly. As a result, the increase of the average price proposals for new buildings in Moscow amounted to one percent: the cost has increased to 196,3 thousand rubles per square meter (or 3.4 % of $ 6700).
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