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May 30, 2011

Real estate goes online

E-Commerce gaining momentum, and the virtual representation of companies increasingly become the main "suppliers" buyers. That was confirmed and the situation in the real estate industry: specialists Office "University", part of the group of companies "MIEL", note a significant increase in the proportion coming from Internet clients to 70%. Moreover, visitors of the company website much more likely to be real customers than potential customers, applying to the company phone.

today specialists say that using Internet representation can successfully sell real estate. What way? Using the possibilities of modern technologies:

1. Actively promoting not only a company site, but also exhibited for sale apartment. In particular, objects real estate offered by the Office "University", mainly located in Central Moscow, therefore, street names and located them sights already are effective marker. Using contextual advertising for promotion of an object, you can use a number of key the words that a potential buyer can get on page with his description.

2. Increasing interest in real estate at the expense of the publication panoramic photos that allow potential the buyer to get a complete picture about all the features of the object. Presentation apartment or office can be performed as a 3D tour, during which buyers virtual tour without the need to spend time on a tour of the facility.

Presentation videos can be uploaded to YouTube, the the most attracting attention as a target and ready to buy customers and those who only ponders over the question the purchase of housing. To their shooting involved professional Directors who make the movie the highest quality and informative with a minimum amount and duration.

3. Offering booklets in PDF-format and other additional opportunities. This helps to attract for sale elite apartments referents, engaged in finding options to specific customers.

According to Alla Vishnevskaya, managing partner of the Office "University" GC "MIEL", the cost square meters of real estate capital so high that the acquisition the apartment becomes an important and responsible event. When deciding on such costly buy everyone is committed select the object that satisfies it absolutely all parameters. Accordingly, into account when choosing taken all to the smallest nuances: physical the parameters of housing, its location, the infrastructure of the area and much more.

of Great importance and the reputation of the seller, therefore the website of the company plays a role not only beautiful Windows, but the source important for the information about how the proposed real estate and the company - in particular, feedbacks and recommendations those who have already used it services.

One of the features the website of the Office of the "University" GC MIEL is that the development and improving resource given a lot of attention. Since the creation of the virtual representation and to the present "building" is not: change the design site, to increase its functionality. On the opinion of the specialists of the Office of the "University", further reconstruction of the site required in order to make it effective sales tool corresponding to modern trends of development in the web environment.

"MIEL" and Bank "Russian Capital" launch new development projects
May 30, 2011
The largest real estate Agency "MIEL" recently commenced work on development projects in the Moscow region
An ideal city through the eyes of a child
Jun 01, 2011
The group of companies "MIEL" from June 1, plans to start a campaign "Town MIEL", timed to the world day of protection of children. The campaign involves a contest in which can participate all young residents of Moscow, it is enough to come to the office. The contest will run until August 15.
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