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Aug 16, 2011

Regular housing market in Moscow was stabilised

the Number of apartments on the secondary real estate market of Moscow, according to the "Analytical consulting center "MIEL", recovered after a decline, typical for may. The total number of proposals in may amounted to about 50 thousand units, which is 5% more than in the previous month.

Became more and the housing that is offered for sale their first owners. In June, the growth in this segment amounted to 6%. Of such housing on the secondary market about 40 % of all available offers.

For the last period of major changes in the level of real estate prices, which are located in the capital of Russia, was not observed. From the beginning, the price rose by 0.6% which, at the moment it is $ 6304 for 1 sq m. In different segments of the dynamics of prices is different, and is observed as an increase and decrease in value. For example, apartments in monolithic homes and 4 bedroom apartments has increased in price by 1 and 0.9% respectively, while Khrushchev became cheaper by 1.5%. Decreased by 1% and average price 3 bedroom apartments.

With regard to the dynamics of the value of the property depending on the administrative district, ZAO, CJSC and CAO changes over the last month is not observed, while in other districts they lie in the range from 0.2 to 0.6  million.

According Vladislav Lutskov — CEO, managing partner of "ASC MIEL, — in the first half of the average cost per square meter of Moscow housing in the secondary market remained at the level of $ 6300 for 1 sq m In a stable condition and is total real estate looking for new owners, — about 50 thousand apartments.

Now the market recovered after the crisis reached its stable phase. Changes happen, but only seasonally in may and January. And noted that buyers are more interested in comfortable housing and the demand for low cost real estate decreased. Partly it is due to the availability of mortgage lending.

Even though June — it's the holiday season and many buyers prefer to deal in the autumn, the overall level of sales this month remains high. The General Director of company "MIEL-Brokerage" Alexei shlenov said that such stability in the summer — is a good sign. Buyers today are very meticulous in their choice and are especially attentive to quality. Real estate sales, the prices of which are in the range of 7-8 million roubles, has increased, and currently around 30% of transactions are made in this price range. Those buyers who acquire housing through mortgage lending, are ready to spend for 1 million rubles more in comparison with the same buyers last year. Contribute to more attractive than before, credit conditions.

Office "University": buyers to check with the Greenwich
Aug 04, 2011
At the moment in Russia the average housing is about 23 square meters per person. For Moscow this figure is somewhat lower — less than 20 sq. m. This is far from the norms operating in the countries of the European Union. In connection with this situation, not all buyers of apartments in the business class have the opportunity to live according to European standards.
Good view feature adds 15% to the basic cost of the apartment
Aug 16, 2011
The specialists of "University", office "MIEL", it turned out that modern buyers prefer apartments, which offer a beautiful view, property with Windows overlooking the unremarkable quiet courtyards. And to get it the first option, customers agree to pay about 15-30 percent of the base value of the property. The most expensive types of capital is, of course, the Kremlin and the Cathedral of Christ the Savior, are in demand and the views of the Central embankments of the capital.
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