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Oct 14, 2010

Sberbank surprised mortgage

Sberbank of Russia has announced that reduces the minimum bid on mortgage to a large circle of our clients to 9,5%. The market does not can not respond to the actions of such a major player, analysts say

Moscow. October 13. FINMARKET.EN — the Leader of the Russian banking system — Sberbank — announced decrease the ruble-denominated mortgage loans. And thus for the first time on the market mortgage rates appeared to a wide range of clients below 10%. Analysts believe that if such a big player, Sberbank lowers rates, other banks will be forced to react on him in against the client.

the savings Bank of the Russian Federation with October 15, reduces the minimum bid on mortgage RUB payroll customers 10.5% to 9,5%, told journalists the Director of retail lending of the Bank Natalia Karasev.

"From October 15 to introduce the new rates for the basic programs of mortgage lending. Reduce the interest rate on our loans up to 9.5% in to our payroll clients", — she said.

N. Karaseva added that in the average reduction in rates for all mortgage programs will be up to 1.5 percentage points.

In the materials of Sberbank noted that interest rates in the RUB home loans 15 October of this year will decrease on 0,75-1,5 percentage points from the current interest rates.

N. Karaseva said that the minimum rate for individuals who do not are payroll clients of Sberbank will be 10.4%. According to her, in the current maximum rate for a mortgage is 15,25% annual. From 15 October, the maximum interest rate would be 14% per annum, is celebrated in the materials of Sberbank.

N. Karasev stressed that the validity of the new rates will depend on development of the economic situation in the Russia in including the inflation rate, the refinancing rate of the CBR.

the Director of the office of the savings Bank not exclude the possibility of lowering the interest rates on mortgage those who already is a client of Sberbank. She recalled that in the currently has a program of refinancing debt but also individually, the decision to the reduction of interest rates in the case of good credit history.

Answering the question whether it may be for the old customers rate at mortgage 9.5%, N. Karasev said, "Maybe if defined terms."

with regard to foreign currency mortgage loans, Sberbank has not yet plan to cut down on them interest. "We are now issuing very few loans in foreign currency. The share of sales (on total sales credits) is less than 0.5%", — she said.Karasev, noting that before the crisis share issuance of foreign currency loans was at around 10%.

the savings Bank has surprised analysts. "For the first time rates were below 10% by the products for a wide range of clients", — said analyst IFK "Metropol" Ivan Kachkovsky. The savings Bank does not engaged in predatory pricing, lowering rates on its mortgage products, said the analyst. According to him, Sberbank has aimed at the growth of the portfolio of mortgage loans and motivated by the increasing demand for the more attractive mortgage rates.

the decrease In Sberbank rates on mortgage lending could be a signal for other banks, analysts say.

"the competitors of the savings Bank not can't notice his actions, as Bank has recently become a major player, issuing almost half of all mortgage loans," — highlights V. I. Kazarina.

agrees With this opinion analyst "Uralsiba" Tigran Oganesyan. Moreover, the Bank has almost 50% market share of lending mortgages, so more like noticed T. Hovhannisyan, he "pulls the best clients other banks". "The lower the rate, the better the customer", — said the analyst. Against this background, the promised savings Bank reducing the rates it looks like analyst put it, "hard."

the Offer of Sberbank are more than timely, noted in the comments the analyst of "Investkafe" Alexander lozovaja. The other day first Deputy Chairman of the CBR Gennady Melikyan announced that in August the increase of deposits of individuals amounted to more than 38% year year. The rapid growth of savings gives rise to serious thought, said Alexander Lozova. "It is possible that “hanging” weight savings, coupled with pent-up demand will cause a serious rise in prices for a number of assets. For example, in some segments of real estate, on land. You can also expect a surge in demand for currency. The main risk for the financial system in fact that the process of flow of funds of the population Bank deposits in the economy can take an avalanche character, with potential for considerable fluctuations of prices", — the analyst believes. This scenario can be avoided if a more active earn a crediting mechanism, in particular, mortgage lending. According to A. Lozovaya, "actions of the savings Bank as of the state Bank, aimed at accelerating the launch of such a mechanism".

But the stakes on mortgage Russia is still very high by compared with Western countries and decrease, said analyst IFC "Metropol", "natural process". But 6-7% in the year, dream Russian authorities, banks or now, not in a year or two not can afford.

On August data from the Agency of housing mortgage lending (AHML), in the average market rate the ruble-denominated mortgage loans was 13.9%.

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