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Apr 25, 2011

Successfully completed negotiations with MDM-Bank

the Group of companies "MIEL" from 2008 he collaborates with "MDM Bank". The Bank has financed facilities, the construction of which is "MIEL". Among the first were I and II of the Omsk house of the project and main communications of the neighborhood. In spring 2011, MDM Bank provided financial support for the construction of housing facilities and infrastructure of the neighborhood "VANGUARD".

The project "VANGUARD", developed by group of companies "MIEL", is actively developing for several years. The first residential buildings were put into operation in 2009, Now are home to more than 350 families.

Two houses (#2 and 2A) at the moment still under construction. Their commissioning is scheduled for late 2011. In the winter of 2010 began construction of dwelling house No. 3 and house No. 4 has already been prepared for the project (start of construction is planned for the 2nd half of 2011).

House № 3 consists of three buildings. On the first floor it is planned to allocate the square, where there will be clinics for adults and children, as well as a kindergarten. For cars will be created two-level Parking. The total area of the district of "avant-GARDE" is more than 1 million square meters.

This month MDM Bank plans to Finance the construction of houses No. 4 and three buildings house No. 3, highlighting 430 million rubles Total amount of investments of the Bank amounted to 10.7 billion rubles On the terms of lending at MDM Bank provided the group of companies "MIEL" about 900 million rubles.

The most expensive item on the mortgage is bought 21.5 million rubles, the cheapest over 2 million
Apr 20, 2011
As shown by studies conducted by specialists of the company "MIEL-Brokerage", the number of transactions carried out with use of mortgage lending, increasing. Growth in the first quarter of 2011 amounted to more than 27 %. However, the decrease in interest rates: at the moment it is 11,75 %. On average, for the purchase of the apartment buyers attract about 3 million rubles.
Apartments in Moscow are buying a top-managers and young specialists from St. Petersburg
Apr 26, 2011
Expanding the network of real estate agencies "MIEL" and active cooperation of the company with partners such as the Corporation "Adveks. Real estate", has led to a significant increase in the number of cross-border transactions between Moscow and large cities of the Russian Federation. This trend is reported to the management of "MIEL-Brokerage".
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