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Dec 08, 2010

The rapid growth of offers on the secondary market of Moscow

In November 2010, according to experts "the Group of companies MIEL", the value of the objects in the secondary market of the capital of Russia reached the bar 168 thousand rubles per square meter. In percentage terms the growth was 0.5 %. However, the price in dollars was $5490 per square meter (-0.1 %).

In the last month of autumn the number of offers continued to grow rapidly over the month adding 10.3 %. This led to the fact that the market of residential property sales has received approximately 54 thousand apartments.

Sellers continue to maintain a very high activity. Analysts note that the ratio of new ads from all the proposals offered for sale in November, was 30 %.

the Dynamics of the value of almost all types of market has not changed. The only exception was an administrative unit:
 - South-Eastern administrative district (+0.6 %);
 - South-Western administrative district (+1.2 %);
 - Central administrative district (+1.0 %).

it Should also be noted that the cost of popular housing —  apartments in houses of new type with improved layout —  increased by 0.7 %.

If you compare these figures with data for October 2010, you can see the increase in the number of registered transactions of residential property secondary type by 3.2 %. However, the interest of potential buyers in view of the forthcoming Christmas and new year holidays begins to wane.

General Director of "Group of companies MIEL" Alexey shlenov said that the current dynamics of prices for "secondary" indicates the absence of a large gain in pricing. The price per square meter of housing in the average can fluctuate each week, then falling, then rising.

Commenting on the situation, he also added that today the prediction is coming true of analysts who have said that the cost increase for 2010 will not go above 10 %. It's true: the average cost of the proposals in the period from January to November amounted to 7.5 - 8 %.

in Other words, now on the secondary market, we have a stable situation that will be in the hands of buyers. They have a large selection of offers, so they always have the opportunity to choose a viable option that meets the customer's capabilities and General requirements.

luckow Vladislav, General Director of "Group of companies MIEL", said that the volume of offers of Moscow on the secondary market and registered transactions in November grew proportionately. Such indicators, in his opinion, suggests that the market continues to stabilize, the natural demand for real estate is recovering. A large part of it is implemented with the help of alternative transactions, i.e. sale of existing residential property and buy a new one with improved characteristics.

The same can be said about sellers. They can accurately determine the price of the apartment at sale.

Apartment is chosen by those who know how to count money
Nov 24, 2010
The keys on the day of the transaction, absolute legal purity apartments, an individual design project and meticulous after-sales service – these are just some of the unique features of office product the "University" group of companies "MIEL".
Where do Muscovites prefer to keep the car?
Dec 13, 2010
Where residents of the capital are ready to store your car? Asked this question the specialists of "ASC MIEL". A study was conducted, the respondents were chosen, potential buyers of real estate capital.
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