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Nov 23, 2010

The truth and myths about liquidity

the Data obtained by specialists of the "Group of companies MIEL", confirmed that quite often the sellers and buyers an incorrect understanding of the definition of liquidity and illiquidity of real estate. That is why there are differences in determining the value of an apartment. However, to date, already generated objective criteria for evaluating different residential properties.

1. Environmental issue

of Course, of great importance for the inhabitants of the metropolis is the environmental factor. Residential real estate in parkland is more expensive than the house, located near the highway. For example, if the apartment is located close to the square or Park, it will add to its original price of about 10-15 %. But this principle does not apply to houses built in the prestigious parts of the city or in the historical center. The proximity to Kutuzovsky Prospekt or Sadovaya ring does not reduce the value of the apartment.

to 2. The location of the Windows in the apartment

you Must consider where the Windows of apartments – whether they overlook the quiet courtyard or bustling highway. In this case, the difference in cost varies between 10% and 12%, if the apartment is 3 - or 4-room, and 2-5 % if it is a "kopeck piece" or "odnushke".

However not so clear. Exactly budget options residential property always remain to be the most liquid."Odnushki" is always in high demand, and because the location of the Windows here do not play a significant role.

Chairman of the Board Brokerage "MIEL" Roman Muradyan has noticed a curious trend. According to her, residents who are tired of waking up at night with the sounds of car alarms, are increasingly buying housing with Windows facing the street, not the courtyard.

to 3. The proximity to the road.

If it passes directly under the Windows of a multistory building, the cost of apartments in it could decline:
- from 12 to 15 % for 3 - 4 bedroom apartments;
- 5 to 7 % for 1 - and 2-bedroom apartments.

it is Worth noting that for some people, this disadvantage can be an advantage. For example, if they need permission to use the Third transport and the Garden ring. Of course, to live in the apartment, which opens onto a Garden, not very comfortable, but the ability to get home without traffic jams may outweigh.

to 4. The apartment in General.

As noted by Roman Muradyan, the primary factor of demand for apartments remains the location of high-rise buildings. Of course, always exist as an elite, and budgetary areas. It is determined by the following criteria:
 - social environment;
 - the proximity to the historic center of the city;
 - the ecological situation in the area;
 - quality of the built environment.

 If you focus on these criteria, said Roman Muradyan, then it is safe to say that real estate in the Central administrative district and the Western district of Moscow will always have high liquidity. For obvious reasons, to buy an apartment next to a large shopping centre, a market, or in places where factories that pollute the atmosphere, no one wants that. Other criteria can be considered unimportant.

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Nov 24, 2010
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