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Aug 31, 2011

While in New Moscow's plenty of room for any project

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of "MIEL" Grigory Kulikova, the territory of New Moscow still has enough space for various projects.

Grigory Kulikov
Grigory Kulikov

according To official data for residential real estate is allocated 12 million sq m in housing stock includes a complete range of property types: from low-rise objects, and ending with country houses and urban high-rises. And this in a population of 250 000 people. This picture visually illustrates the unique situation in the capital: on one of the "new Moscow" has almost fifty sq m, while a resident of the city have less than twenty square meters

What are the reasons for the above figures? The fact that on the territory of New Moscow today is not too high population density. It is, accordingly, reflected in the statistics. In addition to low density, statistics influences and an increasing number of suburban sites that are registered as residential property for permanent residence, but are used primarily for recreation. This may also include land with a construction contract and without it.

According to experts "MIEL", the New Moscow, there are a lot of country objects: on the Kiev direction the number of cottage settlements is 26 units (about 1,200 facilities), on the Kaluga highway 24 2233 village or country house, Warsaw — seventeen towns or 1808 objects. And these numbers are growing.

It is worth noting the unique nature of real property located in the territory of New Moscow. A large proportion (52%) falls to the earth without building contract, the number of sites with contract for construction is 19%, holiday homes — 18  percent, townhouses — 11  million, that is for each person here we have an impressive number of square meters (as opposed to urban multi-family).

With regard to urban real estate and infrastructure facilities of New Moscow, basically we are talking about targeted buildings, which are located inside of the metropolis and on its border. With these objects, according to experts of company "MIEL", is not enough. Experts counted a total of 13 important infrastructure facilities, including children's sanatoria, clinics, the recreation center and Megamall.

Secondary real estate market of New Moscow and the Moscow region served as a springboard for the conclusion of a large number of deals: in Podolsk was already decorated 1400 transactions, 240 transactions fell in Troitsk. Data received on 07.2011, show that the number of objects of the real estate market is a few hundred on the border of New Moscow and the cities it includes. In particular, in July on the Kalynets accounts for up to 74 objects in Vatutinki it comes to 42 facilities in the village of Selyatino of such objects 50.

Today on the real estate market of New Moscow (not taken into account the objects of the business class) the average cost of one square meter of real estate is more than 83 000. For comparison, the average cost of real estate in Moscow — already to 171.3 thousand rubles per square meter. The cost per square meter in objects that are on the border of the city and New Moscow more than 140 000 rubles, and the cost of square meters of real estate on the border of New Moscow and the Moscow region — the mark at 72.1 thousand rubles.

In summary, we can note that the realtor working on the territory of New Moscow is calm, the rarefied and minimal severe competition compared to a real estate job in Moscow.
"MIEL" is not going to disregard a promising real estate market of New Moscow. The company is expanding: by now opened more than hundreds of offices, and the holding company aims to cover not only Central but also sleeping Metropolitan areas and cities in the area. Not so long ago an office was opened in Troitsk. By Roman Muradyan, the Manager of "MIEL-Franchising", the creation of New Moscow has opened excellent prospects for the expansion and development of the company.

The volume of supply on the regular market of housing in Moscow drops
Aug 17, 2011
Analytical consulting company "MIEL" has conducted a study of the secondary market of real estate in Moscow, which revealed a seasonal decline in the number sold in July 2011 apartments.
A Paradise for intermediaries: legalized redevelopment in Moscow costs up to 100 thousand rubles.
Oct 13, 2011
According to experts ' estimates, every fourth apartment in Moscow in the so-called old Fund has illegal alterations, which simply will not allow the owner to sell the home. Before the sale the owner will either have to pass hundreds of classrooms and many hours to stand in the queue while collecting the papers, or to contact the facilitators, who independently prepare alterations. In the latter case, we have to say goodbye with a round sum.
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