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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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Real estate Investment

It's no secret that some of the housing in cities with positive trend of prices shall be acquired for investment purposes.

Investment in real estate never depreciates in value and will not be lost. Apartments in Moscow, over time, as we know, only becoming more expensive, and it is no coincidence that investing in property is recognized by market experts as one of the most reliable investment. However, investing in housing need to consider a number of recommendations that will protect your investment and make them as attractive as possible. This is primarily the liquidity of your investment. For real estate it consists of components such as


It is useful to notice that the apartment is quite a popular object for investment. Experts Avangard77 count among the apartments are renovated up to 50% of investment purchases. After buying finished apartments with full finishing, kitchen fixtures is a great investment because it can immediately rent out and immediately begin receiving the return on their investment. Without loss of time, money and nerves to repair. Landlords, by the way, are much more readily removed it is renovated and ready to move into accommodation. This investment significantly increases the profitability of the investee compared with a standard apartment in the building or on the secondary market. All apartments have absolute legal purity, and the buyer receives keys to the day of payment. This unique offering, essential for busy people, as well as for non-resident buyers.

If you decide to invest in an apartment in the secondary market, you will need to decide on where to buy, what house and living conditions in it.


as soon as I saw the apartment on the website, knew immediately – our. Excellent repair, the forethought of planning, quality equipment and materials, all top level.

sincerely, Constantine and Victoria

We saw the apartment on the website, 3 March arrived in Moscow, and on 5 March we had already the keys of the apartment. The apartment is in fact fully consistent with the photos on the site!

Marat and Elena

all that is written about the system of registration and payment, registration, transfer keys, etc. on the website of the company, no not a gimmick, it really works exactly. Given that I am a foreign customer, for me it is a godsend.

sincerely, K. Y.

tel.: +7 (495) 151-27-55
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