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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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To Buy an apartment with designer renovation

apartment with designer renovationPurchase of secondary flats repair – this is a new format of services on the Russian market. Usually it is considered that a new owner definitely will do the repair. There are even studies showing that so-called pre-sales of apartments has only a minor influence on the selling price. There is a risk not to guess – and suddenly the style of the apartment will not fit a potential client, the walls will be wallpapered wrong color, or the layout will not be suitable.

Company "Avangard77" radically changed the approach to the problem, carefully studied the needs of its target audience. She identified several groups of clients who need high-quality and ready for sale housing. First of all – representatives of business-class, mobile, value their time and are willing to pay for quality services. At the beginning of the work with refurbished apartments has compiled a list of criteria to be met by the design of the housing.

1. To create a custom design that expresses the spirit of the place and the house
2. High-quality materials
3. The lack of flashy and extravagant in the interior.
4. The highest level of work performance.
5. Summary: the house must be beautiful, cozy, comfortable and special.

apartment with author's repairTherefore, the restoration of secondary apartments in the performance Avangard77 so very different from the faceless "renovation". Each repair is performed on a unique design project performed under the supervision of a professional designer with specialized education. The company is working on 3-5 projects at the same time designers who painstakingly create a unique and individual style of every we offer for sale apartment

In any apartments will be pleased to live in this house? Putting yourself in the place of the buyer, the company's specialists decided that the ideal option would be calm and cozy apartment with high quality built-in kitchen, with sleek fixtures. It is unlikely the customer will enjoy the Golden red walls or the floor, so the interiors are deliberately used calm color palette and natural materials. The designers avoid vapidity and uniformity – each apartment has its own peculiarity, a kind of zest, that make unique interior. There is a wall in the living room, wallpapered with Shakespeare's sonnets, somewhere – bright, but not flashy shades. The special charm of the renovated apartments give the lamps, which are made by author's sketches and often exist in a single copy.

apartment with individual designDuring the work company "Avangard77" repaired more than 110 apartments, each design is unique. A bold, but proven idea was to work "without a customer". It allowed to create a bold, holistic and harmonious solutions – impossible, in most cases, when the repair is managed by a layman. The product Avancada-M was a unique and at the same time, the universal house who always finds his lover. However, the living area is not working on filling furniture – the buyer is free to exhibit their individuality. Each renovated apartment has high quality kitchen with integrated appliances and fully fitted bathroom – because these two facilities have a maximum material and time expenses for repairs. While all the rooms in the apartment, both residential and economic purposes, differ stylistic unity.

Not always the original layout of the apartment meets the needs of modern customers, in which case designers make alterations to housing. Never load-bearing walls demolished, it does not do anything that may affect the sustainability of homes and apartments. All remodeling completed in compliance with the legal requirements and properly coordinated with BTI.

Customer Reviews, who bought the apartment with designer renovation in Avangard77 show that employees of the company guessed correctly with the new format of service-oriented modern client – an informed and employed, who appreciate the business approach and places the highest demands on the quality of service.


...the design of the apartments. Thanks to the professionalism of designer Konstantin Samrina repairs in the apartment and the organization of space were performed at a sufficiently high level. Sense of color and the experience of the designer helped to create the modern accommodations where you want to live...

buyers of apartments (the Crimean shaft)

Thank you to our designers Svetlana Stebakov and Faith behind the creation of the unique charm of our apartment on ulitsa Udaltsova! And the guys are headed by the foreman Sergei have done great job, thank you.

Family Sheckinah, apartment on the Street. Udaltsov

in Addition to stylish apartments with really high-quality repair, it is also a lot of saved time, emotional energy and creative zigzagging...

Family Sheckinah, apartment on the Street. Udaltsov

tel.: +7 (903) 290-5250
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