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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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payment optionsThe Finished apartment in the office of "University", at the customer's choice to pay in cash or by Bank transfer.

Non-cash method of payment for residential property almost unique to the market. It is possible, for buyers office "the University" thanks to the full legal purity of documents of title, and such an important factor that the apartments belong to a legal entity

Non-cash saves customers from potential risks associated with the storage, conversion and transportation funds. This is especially useful for buyers from distant cities.

However, you can pay with cash, just to Deposit them in the Bank to the account of the legal entity and financial calculations are carried out as would be convenient to the client with observance of all requirements of legislation and principles of reasonable safety.

When buying apartments for renovation, the share of transactions for clearing is much higher than the average for the regular market, it reaches 43%. And 4 years ago without the involvement of cash was held only 30% of transactions. Thus, the growth amounted to 13% in 4 years.

In General, on the secondary real estate market the share of cashless transactions is close to zero. According to experts of the office of the "University", such a distinction in the share of non-cash transactions for apartments with repair compared to the segment in General is largely due to the structure of the consumer audience.
Almost 50% of clients of the office of the "University" are the citizens of other cities, which is much more convenient to operate non-cash money flows. A significant proportion of clients are economically active, financially literate customers, effectively using including banking tools to solve life's problems.

And most importantly, due to the fact that apartment by the office of the "University", legally and physically available, no need for complicated chains and alternative transactions. Therefore, traditional secondary apartments the procedure for laying cash in the cell becomes unnecessary.

The Purchase takes place quickly and transparently.



Transaction very professionally legally. As a lawyer. I can mark the highest professionalism of the parties. This work with the "avant-Garde" is very different from working with private realtors and other companies.

with the buyer of the apartment Nakhimovsky prospect, 42

Another big plus for anyone looking for an apartment with a ready repair, is to guarantee the quality of repairs and commitment to address the deficiencies, if any show up. In case of purchase of apartment with the repair of an individual, such guarantee to receive surely is not possible...

Alexey, Ekaterina

all that is written about the system of registration and payment, registration, transfer keys, etc. on the website of the company, no not a gimmick, it really works exactly. Given that I am a foreign customer, for me it is a godsend.

sincerely, K. Y.

tel.: +7 (903) 290-5250
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