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Houses for sale turnkey with designer renovation in the suburbs

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Sale of townhouse turnkey in poselok Pervomaiskoe, Novomoskovsk district New Moscow (NMAO), DSK "Ate" (# 318)

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to buy an apartment New Moscow (NMAO)
The repair is completed. Ready to sell 3 day
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Referals of "Avangard77"

Message: Thank you for your professionalism, punctuality, comprehensive assistance and support to the company "Avangard77" and, in particular, the head of the company Alla G. Vishneve and Manager Lyudmila Tankaeva

Anna Nezhnaya

"the Best home is one in which the owner of the whole affair less" Sorry I'm not Plutarch Plutarch, otherwise the laurels, on the generation of such a precise definition would get me. At first glance it may seem that to buy an apartment in Moscow if you have money is very easy…you are wrong!!! Two months of endless auditions, meetings with agents, telephone conversations, and … nothing!!! The apartment is renovated from the miracle company "Avangard77" – it's a headache and painful search for decent housing, as soon as I saw the apartment on the website, knew immediately – our. Excellent repair, well thought of layouts, quality appliances and materials, all at the highest level. Authoritative declare – a key received in exactly three days from the day view. Fantastic!!! Thank Alla G. Vishneve, of Andrei Fedosov, K. Elena Rasskazova and all employees of the company "Avangard77" for professionalism, accuracy in work and individual approach in the process of the transaction. Great thanks for our "maintenance-free" housewarming and great satisfaction from the acquired property. We wish you continued success, prosperity and grateful new settlers.

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Sincerely, Constantine and Victoria

We were looking for an apartment in our area. We looked at a lot of options, but eventually purchased the apartment obviously stood out layout, design solutions and quality repairs. Found the option by accident, a simple search through the Internet. At the time of the first conversation, the apartment was still in the process of repair, and we agreed to see her after work. Been considered by more than a dozen variants, so the idea of the market for similar apartments in our area we had a very good. Happy that you've come this particular apartment, and she ’ s us, because it was as close as possible to the desired one. Important were also the focus, ability to build customer relationship and professionalism of the company Petenko, E. M. and E. K. Rasskazovo and willingness to find compromises on the part of General Director A. G. Vishnevskaya

Another big advantage for anyone looking for an apartment with a ready repair, is to guarantee the quality of repairs and commitment to address the deficiencies, if any show up. In case of purchase of apartment with repair from a natural person, such a guarantee is certainly not possible.

overall, the company's strategy is very cute, and as we approach our residential real estate market more civilized to their foreign counterparts, the demand for apartments, ready to move in, probably will grow.

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Alex, Catherine

I Want to Express huge gratitude <Avangard77> and if to be exact - specifically the Allais G. Vishnevskaya, Elena Konstantinovna Rasskazovo and Tamara V. Smagina. These people have managed to do what we could not believe. We succeeded thanks to their highly skilled work to acquire apartment with high quality repairs, with officially coordinated redevelopment, in particular our really agreement term. It seemed to us that this is possible only if will have to spend an incredible amount of nervous and physical energy kill it if not a year, at least half a year of life. We did it almost without our active participation and absolutely no any fears, nerves, emotions and torments. As you imagine all the people who worked acquisition, repair and alignment alterations, it is impossible believe that <Avangard -MB for three months, together with highly qualified and very responsible foremen, who were repairs in our apartment (Vyacheslav and Mikhail), to give us renovated apartment renovated, made according to our wishes, harmonized in all official authorities and redevelopment. Our familiarity with <Avangard77 happened quite by accident: after long and unsuccessful searches of apartments on the website <MIEL> in section < Apartment we saw the information <Avangard77> (very visual, including plans of apartments before and after redevelopment, including a slide show, pictures of her before and after repair) about the apartment currently under repair. This enabled us together with <Avangard77> to select the best option redevelopment (of many considered), together in the current operational mode to coordinate all the work on design decisions and performed repair. We managed to purchase an apartment to see performed live <Avangard77> repair selling similar apartments seen with my own eyes surpassed what we saw on the website. What else struck us in communicating with these people is their desire to go meet the client, hear all his wishes, the ability to accept his reasonable proposals and to convince him that is what he not quite right - and to find a mutually acceptable solution. When our habit is all relationship the most to make treaties, Alla The G. Vishnevskaya managed to convince us that even having our relationships by type of repair (we find it difficult to believe that after the end of the transaction and receipt of money renovating really will be performed, moreover, in time and quality) in reality, we make sure that everything will be done as guarantees <Avangard77>. It's hard to believe this obligation without the usual contractual relations (sanctions, fines and other legal updates) - but the results of the work - we cannot thank the people who manage to keep their word - to make in time your work. In our job was the main thing - time to consider suggestions <Avangard77> by type of repair, so as not to delay. All this time all our friends and acquaintances we are constantly told about incredible purchase apartment - in General, we it seems that you can be a living example of what incredible sometimes. Thanks again for Your work.

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Igor, Rima, Larissa Lipkina

Dear Sirs,

Thank your friendly staff for the pleasure of purchasing a property in "Avangard77"! In addition to a stylish apartment with a good repair, it is also a lot of saved time, mental effort and creative searching. Very grateful to our curator Elena Filippova for a high level deal, prompt response to all the details, assistance and professional consulting to after-sales period; all was clear, professional, easy and relaxed! We thank the head of Alla Grigoryevna for personal attention , found the compromises, the incredibly charming and pleasant communication. Thank you to our designers Svetlana Stebakov and Faith behind the creation of the unique charm of our apartment on ulitsa Udaltsova! And the guys are headed by the foreman Sergei have done great job, thank you.

In the foreseeable future, the planned new acquisition and we are confident that with pleasure we repeat the experience of cooperation with the team "Avangard77"!

best regards,
Family Sheckinah, apartment on the Street. Udaltsov


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Family Sheckinah, apartment on the Street. Udaltsov
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32 000 000 RUR
32 000 000 RUR
524 000 $
505 000 €
(110 612 RUR for m2)
110 612 RUR
1 811 $
1 746 €

Address: Moscow, poselok DSK "Eli". Map

Highway: Kaluzhskoe shosse, 15 km from MKAD,

District: Novomoskovsk district, area: New Moscow (NMAO)

Next metro: To buy a house Teplyy stan 40 min. transport

Residential complex: DSK "Ate"

The number of levels: 2
Roof: Metal
Water: Central
The material of the walls: brick
Heating: Gas Central
Sewerage: Central
Electricity: 15 KW
Area townhouse
The total area 289,3 m2 1st floor area =
Area 2nd floor = Square footage 5,3 hundred

3 bathrooms.

Benefits and features

Legally and physically available. Without finish.


the New Moscow, the town house (without finishing) in a secure location in the village DSK "Ate", with all Central communications + telephony, Internet, TV. Low utilities. The village is surrounded by forest. A quiet cozy place. The village is inhabited by 100 %. Land and house in property more than 3 years.  the settlement of the European level.

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(495) 151-27-55
Alla Vishnevskaya G.
The Director Of "Avangard77"
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Home repair, closest to Kaluzhskoe shosse
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Company benefits
Architectural design
Each repair is performed on a unique design project performed under the supervision of a professional designer with specialized education
Transactions for cash and cashless payments
Clearing relieves the customers from possible risks associated with the storage, conversion and transportation funds. This is especially useful for buyers from distant cities
Registration for 3 days
Such a short term of paperwork related to the fact that all the apartments belong to a legal entity. In these apartments no one lives, they are totally free
The quality of the repair
the proposal Avangard77 is unique in today's real estate market, because we GUARANTEE the quality of our repairs for 1 year
Real estate investments
When buying an investment apartment, the main criterion is its liquidity. The apartment should be in an ideal location, in a brick or monolithic house with quality repair, then sell her guaranteed
Assistance in obtaining a mortgage
Customers Avangard77 have preferences in partner banks in the form of lower rates on loans, longer maturity and short time of loan application
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tel.: +7 (495) 151-27-55
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