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Design repair of apartments in Moscow 40 thousand rubles per m2

+7 (495) 151-27-55

Designer renovation turnkey of 2-br. apartments, Bolshaya Yakimanka d. 56 (# 201)

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to buy an apartment Central area (CAO)
Archive of design projects of apartments sold
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Referals of "Avangard77"

I would like to Express my gratitude and the head of - Alla Vishnevskaya Fosdick and its employees.
Actually, I should say that in our time the purchase of an apartment is not only troublesome, but risky enterprise, especially in such a megalopolis as Moscow. But, thanks to properly structured work and literacy staff, to buy quality and beautiful accommodations without fear of being cheated real - deal. For this purpose it is necessary to contact the company "Avangard77". And in order that all your wishes are taken into account and you , as a customer, were received with warmth and attention, we recommend to contact the realtor Shpola Tatiana. This is a wonderful man, who is in his place, following his work with the soul. And if we have not met on the way Tatiana is unknown, we decided to buy an apartment in this company. Referring to our requests seriously, she was a loyal team member, result-oriented company, and always "led" all parties to the real decision in the process of concluding and executing transactions. So, if you want your problems solved for you - please contact Tetyana Shpola.
with regard to the company's approach to design (repair) - selling objects, only to access the website and look at the results: the design of the apartments. Thanks to the professionalism of designer Konstantin Samrina repairs in the apartment and the organization of space were performed at a sufficiently high level. Sense of color and the experience of the designer helped to create the modern accommodations where you want to live. And all this despite the fact that my husband did not have to choose the materials, layout (although our wishes were taken into account) and colors, etc. If someone ever came across the problem of repair and choice, associated with its process, one will appreciate the benefits of purchasing a "ready-made" housing in the office of the "University" of the company Avangard77 . As to issue all documentation on the transaction you will help another professional - Rasskazova Elena!
in short, thank you all!! Good luck and prosperity in your own business people!!

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buyers of apartments (the Crimean shaft)

Hello, Tatyana! Thank You again for the apartment on the South-West, which we bought with Your help a few years ago. Very glad that there are professionals to whom I would like to ask for help

Ivan and Katya P.

I Express deep gratitude for assistance in apartment purchase by CJSC "Avangard77" in the face of Vishnevskaya and A. G. Shpola T. N. Thank you for quality and professional work. I wish you success and good health to the staff of CJSC "Avangard77"

Rumija Zinatulina

Join all the good reviews to the company Avangard77.
the Apartment on Leninsky Prospekt I saw on the first day of its posting on the website, and by watching her, I realized that to leave her no longer want. Thank you Tatiana and Shpola and Deputy General Director Elena K. Rasskazova also saw us as their customers. The transaction was fast, accurate, and in accordance with all previous agreements. Nice was so beautiful with maximum friendliness, comfort and responsiveness to purchase our wonderful house.
good Luck to the company and its employees and prosperity!

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I Want to write about Your work and the work of Your Agency.

Picked up their apartment in Moscow. This was the main condition for me due to certain circumstances. Sites on the Internet watched a lot. But this accessible and informative such as the company website Avangard77, no. Very nice photos and description of apartments. Choosing an apartment for your request, I immediately dialed the phone of the expert, listed on the site, Marina Tolstolutskiy. Marina is very detailed and friendly answered all my questions and appealing to me in viewing the apartment. And after inspection, I only strengthened in their choice. All that was on the website, and what I was told by Marina, untrue. My further cooperation with experts of the company was also very easy and enjoyable.

In processing the transaction helped me a lot expert Shpola Tatiana and Deputy General Director Elena K. Rasskazova. They promptly and professionally prepare all the necessary documents, advised me on various issues and participated directly in the transaction. I want to Express my gratitude to all employees of the company Avangard77 who helped me in the selection and design of the apartment.

Thank you for your excellent work! Now I am the owner of an apartment with excellent repair!

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Status of the apartment

Archive of design projects of apartments sold (see apartment for sale)

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Address: Bolshaya Yakimanka, 56, Map

District: Meshchansky district, area: Central area (CAO)

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6 floor of 8-storey house, brick. Series home II-18.
The size of the apartment, m2
Common Residential Kitchen
39 23 7,4

balcony, phone, the bathroom is combined, windows into the courtyard.

Benefits and features

The apartment sold, with kitchen-living room.

In the apartment is made high-quality repair on author's design project style «Modern»

Equipped kitchen with household and fixtures, all materials and equipment imported. Possible sale of mortgage and pay wire transfer.
the Apartment is fully legally and physically available. Access to the transaction 3 days!


Small cozy apartment in the center of Moscow on the project design, built-in Italian kitchen with appliances,air conditioners, floors a parquet + a tile with heating, a balcony, the Windows overlook a quiet courtyard. Free legally and physically.


Museums: The Tretyakov gallery on the Crimean Shaft 0,5 km, Central house of artist the Central house of artists 0,5 km, Center for contemporary culture Garage 0,7 km, Gorky Park 0,8 km, Park Muzeon 0,9 km, Center of photography behalf of the brothers of Lumier 1,0 km, Tretyakov gallery 1,3 km, Pyatnitskaya and Restaurant street of the capital 1,3 km, The Mansion Of Kekusheva 1,4 km, Multimedia Art Museum 1,4 km, Municipal Museum "the house on the embankment" 1,5 km, The Chambers Of Averky Kirillov 1,5 km, Bolotnaya square 1,6 km, The Cathedral Of Christ The Savior 1,7 km, Museum of fine arts named after Pushkin 1,9 km, Moscow Museum of modern art 1,9 km, Donskoy monastery 2,0 km, Neskuchny garden 2,2 km, The assumption Cathedral of the Kremlin 2,2 km, Archangel Cathedral of the Kremlin 2,2 km, Ivan the Great bell tower in the Kremlin 2,2 km, Annunciation Cathedral of the Kremlin 2,2 km, The Moscow Kremlin 2,2 km, Tower Of The Moscow Kremlin 2,2 km, City Tour Moscow 2,3 km, The Museum "Russian valenki" 2,3 km, The Melnikov House 2,3 km, The building of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation 2,4 km, Alexander garden 2,4 km, Arbat pedestrian area 2,4 km, Danilov Monastery 2,5 km, St. Basil's Cathedral 2,5 km, Pashkov House 2,5 km, Arseniy Morozov's mansion - the House of receptions of the Government of the Russian Federation 2,5 km, Imperial orphan's house 2,6 km, English court 2,6 km, Monument to Minin and Pozharsky 2,6 km, The Lenin Mausoleum 2,6 km, Red square 2,6 km, Museum of erotic art "Point G" 2,6 km, Bunker-42 on Taganka 2,7 km, Ulitsa Varvarka and old English court 2,7 km, The Museum of dolls "Doll house" 2,7 km, Kitaygorodskaya wall 2,7 km, Historical Museum 2,7 km, Zoological Museum of Moscow University 2,8 km, Kazan Cathedral 2,8 km, Geological Museum named after Vernadsky 2,8 km, Triumph Palace 2,8 km, Museum of the history of the USSR 2,8 km, Museum of the history of drunkenness 2,8 km, The Museum-theater "Ice age" 2,8 km
Business centers: Crimean shaft 0,2 km, Office Place 0,4 km, Europe 0,4 km, Dobrynya 0,5 km, Dobryninskaya 0,7 km, Sherwood 0,8 km, Hymen 0,8 km, Legion 0,9 km, Pyatnitskaya 74 0,9 km, Concord 0,9 km, Concord Market 0,9 km, Legion 0,9 km, Business centre by metro Polyanka 0,9 km, Domus 1,0 km, Golutvinsky Dvor 1,0 km, The Boutique Office 1,0 km, Wall Street 1,0 km, Legion 1,0 km, Golutvinsky Dvor 1,0 km, Ordynsky 1,0 km, Ordynsky 1,0 km, Sytin 1,0 km, Ordynsky 1,0 km, Barkli Plaza 1,0 km, Business Centre Glass House 1,1 km, Red October 1,1 km, Plekhanov Plaza 1,1 km, Ordynsky 1,1 km, Ordynsky 1,1 km, Lighthouse 1,1 km, Ordynsky 1,1 km, Ordynsky 1,1 km, Crimean bridge 1,1 km, Alexander House 1,1 km, Shabolovka-31 1,2 km, The Acropolis 1,2 km, Velka Plaza 1,3 km, Chaika Plaza 1,3 km, Traveler 1,3 km, Gorky Park Tower 1,3 km, Artistic toy 1,3 km, Mammoths 1,4 km, Esenin 1,4 km, Khamovniki Sloboda 1,4 km, Shabolovka, 34 1,4 km, Tretyakov 1,4 km, On Zubovsky 1,4 km, Paveletskaya Plaza 1,5 km, Morozov 1,5 km, Savin 1,5 km

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(495) 151-27-55
Shpolyansky Tatiana Nikolaevna
An expert in the field of real estate
Extension no 109
Company benefits
Real estate investments
When buying an investment apartment, the main criterion is its liquidity. The apartment should be in an ideal location, in a brick or monolithic house with quality repair, then sell her guaranteed
Transactions for cash and cashless payments
Clearing relieves the customers from possible risks associated with the storage, conversion and transportation funds. This is especially useful for buyers from distant cities
The quality of the repair
the proposal Avangard77 is unique in today's real estate market, because we GUARANTEE the quality of our repairs for 1 year
Architectural design
Each repair is performed on a unique design project performed under the supervision of a professional designer with specialized education
Assistance in obtaining a mortgage
Customers Avangard77 have preferences in partner banks in the form of lower rates on loans, longer maturity and short time of loan application
Registration for 3 days
Such a short term of paperwork related to the fact that all the apartments belong to a legal entity. In these apartments no one lives, they are totally free
See all benefits
tel.: +7 (495) 151-27-55
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