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Buy a design renovation apartment in Moscow! Sale for 3 days!!

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To buy property on Koltsevaya metro line

For apartment on Koltsevaya metro line prepaid

sale of the apartment repair Koltsevaya metro line Buy 2br the apartment on Koltsevaya metro line, Hohlovskiy pereulok d.10 str.7
Offered for sale 2-room the apartment repair on Koltsevaya metro line. Hohlovskiy pereulok d.10 str.7
the House is located in the historical center of Moscow, in one of the quiet alleys of the Basmanny ...
Nearest metro: Apartments for sale  on  Tagansko-Krasnopresnenskaya metro line in Moscow Kitay-gorod
The nearest highway: Bulvarnoe koltso0,6 km
total area – 41,2
sale of the apartment repair Koltsevaya metro line Buy 2br the apartment on Koltsevaya metro line, ul.Donskaya d.6 korp.2
Sell: 2-room the apartment repair on Koltsevaya metro line. ul.Donskaya d.6 korp.2
Apartment  the process of repair design. Convenient infrastructure of the area....
Nearest metro: Apartments for sale  on  Koltsevaya metro line in Moscow Oktyabrskaya
The nearest highway: Sadovoe koltso0,8 km
total area – 64
residential – 34,8
sale of the apartment repair Koltsevaya metro line Buy 2br the apartment on Koltsevaya metro line, Komsomolskiy prospekt d.15 str.1
Sell: 2-room the apartment repair on Koltsevaya metro line. Komsomolskiy prospekt d.15 str.1
the House is situated within walking distance from the metro station Park Kultury. A big loggia.The ...
Nearest metro: Apartments for sale  on  Koltsevaya metro line in Moscow Park kultury
The nearest highway: Sadovoe koltso1,7 km
total area – 55,5
residential – 37,4
sale of the apartment repair Koltsevaya metro line Buy 2br the apartment on Koltsevaya metro line, Komsomolsky prospect 27
On sale 2-room the apartment repair on Koltsevaya metro line. Komsomolsky prospect 27
Two bedroom apartment  in one of the best areas of CAO - Khamovniki. In the process, author's d...
Nearest metro: Apartments for sale  on  Sokolnicheskaya metro line in Moscow Frunzenskaya
The nearest highway: Leninskiy prospekt1,9 km
total area – 44,2
sale of the apartment repair Koltsevaya metro line Buy 2br the apartment on Koltsevaya metro line, 2-ya Frunzenskaya, dom 10
Offered for sale 2-room the apartment repair on Koltsevaya metro line. 2-ya Frunzenskaya, dom 10
Nearest metro: Apartments for sale  on  Sokolnicheskaya metro line in Moscow Frunzenskaya
The nearest highway: Komsomolskiy prospekt1,1 km
total area – 42
sale of the apartment repair Koltsevaya metro line Buy 1br the apartment on Koltsevaya metro line, Bolshoy Savvinskiy per.,dom 10 str.1
On sale 1-room the apartment repair on Koltsevaya metro line. Bolshoy Savvinskiy per.,dom 10 str.1
Просторная, уютная, солнечная квартира с ремонтом по дизайн - проекту, спальня с гардеробной комнато...
Nearest metro: Apartments for sale  on  Sokolnicheskaya metro line in Moscow Frunzenskaya
The nearest highway: Sadovoe koltso1,3 km
total area – 42
residential – 20

Useful information for buyers of apartments in the area of the Ring line metro station

When people talk about the center of Moscow, we usually mean the area that can delineate the Garden ring or the Ring line of the Moscow metro. Real estate along this conditional boundaries are always in high demand. And not surprising, because this kind of "Golden middle": not too far from the city center, but at the same time it is residential, not office blocks with long-established social infrastructure. Convenient transport interchanges allow you to quickly reach any district of the capital, thoughtful architectural ensembles which contain historical sites from past centuries, give the urban environment an identity. Finally, in comparison with the same center there are many parks and gardens.

Along the Ring line of the metro has many Moscow sights and memorable places. First of all, it numerous ancient churches, for example, built in the XVII century the Church of St. Nicholas in Khamovniki, located next to the station "Park Kultury" (among his parishioners was Leo Tolstoy) or the Church of St. Nicholas bolvanovka (station Taganskaya) - another great example of Russian Baroque of the late seventeenth century.
Next to the magnificent examples of ancient architecture is a modern architectural monuments such as the House of culture. Zuev (between the stations "Belarusian" and "Novoslobodskaya") is one of the most famous monuments of constructivism, designed by architect Ilya Voice in 1925; the Stalinist period represented one of the famous "skyscrapers": the hotel "Leningrad" (metro station "Komsomolskaya square"). Finally, not so long ago near metro station "Paveletskaya" was built a magnificent modern complex "Red Hills", which includes Moscow international House of music, a business center "riverside towers" and "Swissоtel conference centre".
Art lovers will certainly enjoy the proximity to the metro State academic Maly theatre (station "Dobryninsky") and the famous Taganka theatre (Tagansky), close to which is the Moscow regional state puppet theatre.
Next to station "Krasnopresnenskaya" is the world famous Moscow zoo, whose collection of more than 1000 species of animals. Its territory is the oldest in Russia Moscow planetarium, for a long time (until 2011) who was on reconstruction: re-equipment the city has invested over 10 million euros, but now in the big star hall visitors can see more than 9 thousand of the heavenly bodies.

The circle line metro crosses several large parks: the famous Park of culture and recreation, the green zone of the Moscow zoo, the Catherine Park and the square in the Northern part of the city centre. But as the density decreases exponentially with distance from the city center, areas near the Ring line, already full of small green squares and cozy corners. Car traffic here is less intense than within the Garden ring, and compared with the center of the ecological situation can be considered quite favorable.

Almost next to each station on the circle line of the Moscow metro, there is at least one school included in the list of the best educational institutions compiled by the Department of education of Moscow. School No. 498 — near "Taganskaya", No. 1259 — Paveletskaya; next to "Dobryninskaya" - an excellent school No. 1262, and the station "Park Kultury" will allow children with linguistic skills to choose between school No. 1253 linguistic Lyceum №1555 under Moscow state linguistic University (respectively 35-e and 27-e a place in the citywide ranking. Itself Linguistic University is also located here). Not far from "Kyiv" has status school # 1230, on "Belarusian" center of education No. 1240, and "Novoslobodskaya" - school No. 1388 .
Near the latter are two famous universities: Russian chemical-technological University. Mendeleev and the Russian state University for the Humanities. Near the station "Oktyabrskaya" you will find educational complex of the Moscow state mining University, nust MISIS (Moscow Institute of steel and alloys). Russian economic University named after. Plekhanov is two steps away from "Paveletskaya" and "dobrininskaya".

The apartment is next to one of the stations on the circle line of the underground — this is perhaps the most favorable option for those who use public transportation, or wants to insure against the unpredictable Moscow traffic jams: easy to interchange the stations of any subway line no more than 1-2 stops. However, for terrestrial road network, subway stations are quite profitable: in fact, each of them tied to major radial highways (Oktyabrskaya - Leninsky prospect, "Park Kultury" - on Komsomol and so on). Besides in the southern and southwestern part of the metro line passes under the Garden ring — one of Moscow's main ring roads.

real Estate
In contrast to the very center of Moscow the districts of the circle line subway is quite actively built up with housing complexes, elite and business class. Especially great is their concentration in a prestigious South-Western direction, between stations "Park Kultury" and "Kievskaya": "Nicholas house" and "Jiloca", "Eropkinsky" and "the Writer", as well as a dozen other buildings offer its residents a totally new standard of quality of life.
However, the secondary housing is no less interesting, especially when it comes to good homes "Stalin" buildings, of which there are many. Comfortable apartment with spacious kitchen high ceilings bathroom renovation become a model modern apartment. Convenient location, panoramic views from the upper floors, well maintained private yards and the special atmosphere of "old Moscow" that prevails here today, make them particularly attractive to wealthy buyers.

Referals of "Avangard77"

We, the realtor an "Rizolit" Yulaev Ekaterina and my clients Maria and Ludmila, the work of Your agent Petenko Helena was satisfied. The joint work went well, quickly and pleasantly. To work with the Company "Avangard77" was easy, all the documents received on time, all our requests about the apartment were quickly resolved.

Yulaev Ekaterina

We bought an apartment in JSC "Avangard77". Looked flat when she was without repair, in a terrible state. And we were pleasantly surprised that ZAO "Avangard77" in due time made an excellent repair in the apartment. Made the harmonization of redevelopment, considerably eased our situation. Very pleased with the work of employees.

With gratitude, the buyers of apartments at the address: Moscow, Presnensky Val, d. 4/29.

the apartment On Leninsky prospect, 72 I learned from the Internet. The website (found through a search engine Yandex with the query – apartment). The apartment did not fail after a personal viewing. Really good and quality repairs. Good design solutions. So pleased with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff Rasskazova Helena and Alexander. I hope that the warranty of the Agency are fulfilled. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation!

Sincerely, the family Tarchenko

Always a pleasure to deal with professionals, such as employees of the company "Avangard77" Vladimir and Elena. Apartment first saw on the company's website. After watching, the next day made an advance payment, after 5 days already a contract. Very convenient, minimum time and maximum result. Employees worked well within agreed timescales, and most importantly honest. This is my first purchase of the apartment, so I was very excited. The apartment is really good location, well thought-out redevelopment, all very comfortable, air conditioning in bedroom, quality appliances. The contract drawn up on the declared value, replanning agreed. I recommend to buy the apartment from the company "Avangard77".

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many thanks to the management of the company "Avangard77" for coordinating a clear and most importantly honest work of employees of Your company, in particular Elena Konstantinovna and Elena Metodieva! Professional and personal qualities of Your employees has caused our family great respect! We saw the apartment on the website, 3 March arrived in Moscow, and on 5 March we already had the keys to the apartment. The apartment is in fact fully consistent with the photos on the website! Deal very quickly issued in full compliance with the law. Very admirable patient and warm attitude towards our young children (4y and 2.6) as the hurricane turned the whole office "Avangard77" My wife and I want to Express my gratitude for the attitude towards us when making the contract of sale of an apartment in Moscow, as well as to recommend JSC "Avangard77" to everyone who decided(CR) to purchase a property in Moscow. Stay with what You know and love!!! Yay! Yay! Hurrah!

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Marat and Elena
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