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Buy a design renovation apartment in Moscow! Sale for 3 days!!

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To buy property on Sokolnicheskaya metro line

To buy property on Sokolnicheskaya metro line with designer renovation

sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line Buy 2br the apartment on Sokolnicheskaya metro line, Marii Ulyanovoy, 9 k.1
Sell: 2-room the apartment repair on Sokolnicheskaya metro line. Marii Ulyanovoy, 9 k.1
Продается красивая квартира c новым, качественным ремонтом. Кухня-гостиная со встроенной кухней и бы...
Nearest metro: Apartments for sale  on  Sokolnicheskaya metro line in Moscow Prospekt Vernadskogo
The nearest highway: prospekt Vernadskogo1,8 km
total area – 55
residential – 34,3
Price: 22 900 000 RUR Book flat visit

For apartment on Sokolnicheskaya metro line prepaid

sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 3br the apartment, Nikitsky Boulevard, 17
total area – 78,3
residential – 49,1
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 2br the apartment, Komsomolskiy prospekt d.15 str.1
total area – 55,5
residential – 37,4
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 2br the apartment, 2-ya Frunzenskaya ul.d.7
total area – 42,8
residential – 28
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 2br the apartment, 2ya Frunzenskaya ul. d.7
total area – 43
residential – 28
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 3br the apartment, Leninskiy prospekt d.44
total area – 83,1
residential – 57,1
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 3br the apartment, Leninskiy prospekt 62/1
total area – 79
residential – 52
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 2br the apartment, Leninskiy prospekt, 72/2
total area – 55,4
residential – 34
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 3br the apartment, ul.Stroiteley d.3
total area – 79
residential – 51,5
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 3br the apartment, ul.Stroiteley d.11 k.2
total area – 73,3
residential – 49,5
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 1br the apartment, Stroiteley, d. 9
total area – 37
residential – 19
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 2br the apartment, Leninskiy prospekt, 89/2
total area – 48,2
residential – 31
sale of the apartment repair Sokolnicheskaya metro line 2br the apartment, Udaltsova, 19 k. 2
total area – 63,3
residential – 34

Useful information for buyers of apartments in the area Sokolnicheskaya line of the metro

Sokolnicheskaya branch — the first line of the Moscow metro them. Lenin (some stations were open in the 30-ies of the last century), which today is South-West and North-East of Moscow.

From areas where the Sokolnichesky branch is the most interesting from the point of view of popularity among purchasers of housing business class can be called South West district and (CAO) Moscow.

Station of the Sokolnicheskaya branch are located directly on the border of the red square and direct access to the Kremlin. This "Okhotny Ryad" (former "Karl Marx Avenue") and Borovitskaya – new station built in 90-ies of the last century. Decorated with the famous masonry of the Moscow Kremlin. Historically is famous Lubyanka square and facing her station "Lubyanka" (formerly "Dzerzhinsky"). Here is the monumental building of the Polytechnic Museum Committee of the USSR (now the FSB), the Central Children's World. In this zone, the historical heritage of virtually prohibited new buildings, and the only opportunity to become a resident of these prestigious areas is apartment purchase in the secondary market.
Technology full renovation of the apartment in the old housing Fund offered by vanguard M allows you to combine the invaluable prestige of living in the Museum area of the capital and the comfort of modern housing business class. Further West is located the station is Kropotkinskaya. Here are 2 unique object. Rebuilt "from the ashes" is a monumental Cathedral of Christ the Savior and Pushkin Museum of fine arts. Pushkin – one of the few Moscow museums of world class, founded by the father of Marina Tsvetaeva. Here is the famous 57 mathematical school, which occupies the first places in the ranking of the schools with the highest level of education.

Starting from the centre to the West of the Sokolnicheskaya line runs along the Moscow river – the pride and decoration of Moscow. In the district stations Frunzenskaya embankment and Park Kultury neighborhoods are predominantly Stalinist buildings along the Frunzenskaya embankment. This is one of the best places in Moscow from the point of view of the combination of quality housing, unique natural areas and proximity to the center of Moscow. Here traditionally sold apartment with designer renovation from the avant-garde M. Khamovniki district in the gene. the plan of development of Moscow was designed for medical institutions and institutions of higher education. Here are the building of the Institute of foreign languages. Maurice Thorez on the street and several buildings of the MMA named after Sechenov with the relevant institutions and hospitals of the RAMS (Russian Academy of medical Sciences) on the street Pirogova and Plyushchikha.

However, this "country students" - on the South-Western end of the Sokolnicheskaya metro line, where universities and research institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Moscow state University Complex on the Sparrow hills, Moscow state Institute of international relations (MGIMO), Moscow Institute of thin chemical technologies named after. Mendeleev, Moscow state pedagogical University, First Moscow state medical University n. a. Sechenov Russian national medical University them. Pirogov, Russian University of Friendship of peoples — they determine the look of the area, which has been actively developed in the 50-70-ies of the last century.

Since the area was built for the intellectual elite, it influenced the quality of housing. Beautiful brick house, built according to individual designs and combines all the advantages of "Stalin" buildings (a large area of the apartments, high ceilings) with an unbeatable location: many green areas and excellent accessibility — there are four large Avenue: Leninsky, Vernadsky and Lomonosov University.

The district features a large number of new business and premium class. You can mention "University" in Gagarin district, "Akademdom", "Hope" and "Lomonosov" Lomonosov, "Academ-Palace", "Academy de Luxe" and "Elena" in troparyovo-Nikulino.

Move-in ready flats, closest to Sokolnicheskaya metro line
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Referals of "Avangard77"

many thanks to the management of the company "Avangard77" for coordinating a clear and most importantly honest work of employees of Your company, in particular Elena Konstantinovna and Elena Metodieva! Professional and personal qualities of Your employees has caused our family great respect! We saw the apartment on the website, 3 March arrived in Moscow, and on 5 March we already had the keys to the apartment. The apartment is in fact fully consistent with the photos on the website! Deal very quickly issued in full compliance with the law. Very admirable patient and warm attitude towards our young children (4y and 2.6) as the hurricane turned the whole office "Avangard77" My wife and I want to Express my gratitude for the attitude towards us when making the contract of sale of an apartment in Moscow, as well as to recommend JSC "Avangard77" to everyone who decided(CR) to purchase a property in Moscow. Stay with what You know and love!!! Yay! Yay! Hurrah!

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Marat and Elena

We, the realtor an "Rizolit" Yulaev Ekaterina and my clients Maria and Ludmila, the work of Your agent Petenko Helena was satisfied. The joint work went well, quickly and pleasantly. To work with the Company "Avangard77" was easy, all the documents received on time, all our requests about the apartment were quickly resolved.

Yulaev Ekaterina

We bought an apartment in JSC "Avangard77". Looked flat when she was without repair, in a terrible state. And we were pleasantly surprised that ZAO "Avangard77" in due time made an excellent repair in the apartment. Made the harmonization of redevelopment, considerably eased our situation. Very pleased with the work of employees.

With gratitude, the buyers of apartments at the address: Moscow, Presnensky Val, d. 4/29.

Always a pleasure to deal with professionals, such as employees of the company "Avangard77" Vladimir and Elena. Apartment first saw on the company's website. After watching, the next day made an advance payment, after 5 days already a contract. Very convenient, minimum time and maximum result. Employees worked well within agreed timescales, and most importantly honest. This is my first purchase of the apartment, so I was very excited. The apartment is really good location, well thought-out redevelopment, all very comfortable, air conditioning in bedroom, quality appliances. The contract drawn up on the declared value, replanning agreed. I recommend to buy the apartment from the company "Avangard77".

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the apartment On Leninsky prospect, 72 I learned from the Internet. The website (found through a search engine Yandex with the query – apartment). The apartment did not fail after a personal viewing. Really good and quality repairs. Good design solutions. So pleased with the friendliness and professionalism of the staff Rasskazova Helena and Alexander. I hope that the warranty of the Agency are fulfilled. Thank you for the pleasant cooperation!

Sincerely, the family Tarchenko
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Registration for 3 days
Such a short term of paperwork related to the fact that all the apartments belong to a legal entity. In these apartments no one lives, they are totally free
Architectural design
Each repair is performed on a unique design project performed under the supervision of a professional designer with specialized education
Transactions for cash and cashless payments
Clearing relieves the customers from possible risks associated with the storage, conversion and transportation funds. This is especially useful for buyers from distant cities
The quality of the repair
the proposal Avangard77 is unique in today's real estate market, because we GUARANTEE the quality of our repairs for 1 year
Real estate investments
When buying an investment apartment, the main criterion is its liquidity. The apartment should be in an ideal location, in a brick or monolithic house with quality repair, then sell her guaranteed
Assistance in obtaining a mortgage
Customers Avangard77 have preferences in partner banks in the form of lower rates on loans, longer maturity and short time of loan application
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