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Design repair of apartments in Moscow 40 thousand rubles per m2

+7 (903) 290-5250

Designer renovation turnkey of 1-br. apartments, Novoslobodskaya street, D. 46 (# 393)

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to buy an apartment Central area (CAO)
Archive of design projects of apartments sold
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Referals of "Avangard77"

Always a pleasure to deal with professionals, such as employees of the company "Avangard77" Vladimir and Elena. Apartment first saw on the company's website. After watching, the next day made an advance payment, after 5 days already a contract. Very convenient, minimum time and maximum result. Employees worked well within agreed timescales, and most importantly honest. This is my first purchase of the apartment, so I was very excited. The apartment is really good location, well thought-out redevelopment, all very comfortable, air conditioning in bedroom, quality appliances. The contract drawn up on the declared value, replanning agreed. I recommend to buy the apartment from the company "Avangard77".

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it So happened that I had overestimated my strength and for a long time collected money and credits for your company "Avangard77". Fortunately, Vladimir and CEO Alla Grigorievna was understanding people and came to the position, for which they are sincerely grateful!
I liked the house and that the apartment is brand new.

Nikita H.

Message: I Express my deep gratitude to "Avangard77" and in particular my specialist Rogov Vladimir Petrovich. Thank you for the excellent deal, sincere attitude and after-sales assistance! All very nice, the apartment is great!

Alexander, the buyer Kosmodamianskaya Naberezhnaya, 28

Hello, Ilya!

I Send You the link of our story. Please tell Hello Hello Fosdick and Vladimir Petrovich. Thank You very much. Hope for new cooperation.

link to reproter

sincerely, Victor (sung IPIN)

Reporter of China Central television


Victor (Sung IPIN)

Dear Vladimir, you are perfect professional. Thank You for your patience and understanding! Thanks to You we became the owners of a great apartment on the Street. Krupskaya
I Wish You success in your work. You have a great profession to make people happy! Because new housing is happiness and joy!

thanks again!
sincerely, Olga Safronova


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Status of the apartment

Archive of design projects of apartments sold (see apartment for sale)

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Address: Novoslobodskaya ulitsa, 46, Map

District: Tver, area: Central area (CAO)

Next metro: Apartments for sale  on  Serpuhovsko-Timiryazevskaya metro line in Moscow Mendeleevskaya 7 min. walk , Apartments for sale  on  Koltsevaya metro line in Moscow Novoslobodskaya 0,7 km

Next highways: Dmitrovskoe shosse 1,1 km, Trete transportnoe koltso (TTK) 1,5 km, Sadovoe koltso 1,8 km, Leningradskiy prospekt 1,8 km, Bulvarnoe koltso 2,2 km, Tverskaya ulitsa 2,4 km, prospekt Mira 2,5 km

Next street: Tihvinskaya ulitsa, Novolesnaya ulitsa, Novolesnoy pereulok, Priyutskiy pereulok, 2-y Lesnoy pereulok, Veskovskiy pereulok, 2-ya Miusskaya ulitsa

3 floor of 12-storey house, panel. Series home P-46M.
The size of the apartment, m2
Common Residential Kitchen
39,8 20,7 8,2

balcony, phone, separate bathroom, windows into the courtyard.

Benefits and features

the apartment has kitchen with household appliances. Bathrooms are equipped with fixtures from the best manufacturers. All materials and components are imported. Possible sale of mortgage and pay at wire transfer
the Apartment is fully legally and physically available. Access to the transaction 3 days!


a Free apartment. A prestigious area. Double glazing throughout the apartment. Glazed loggia. Electric. Bedroom with alcove. Clean entrance. The documents are ready to deal.


Theatres: Theater Buff 0,4 km, The Meyerhold Centre 0,5 km, Theater Event 0,7 km, The Quartet, House of culture. Zueva 0,8 km, Club Volta 0,9 km, Theatre of the Russian army 1,1 km, Museum. Glinka 1,2 km, Mosconcert 1,6 km, The movie house 1,6 km, Planeta KVN 1,7 km, Theatre Romain 1,7 km, Theatre Corner grandfather Durov 1,7 km, The puppet theatre Obraztsov 1,7 km, The Novaya Opera theatre 1,7 km, Theatre of classical ballet of N. Kasatkina and V. Vasilev 1,8 km, The Theatre Industry 1,8 km, Tchaikovsky Concert Hall 1,9 km, Theatre of Russian song 1,9 km, Satirikon Theatre 1,9 km, The Theatre Of Satire 1,9 km, Theatre Of The Moscow Council 1,9 km, SK Olympic 2,0 km, Jazz club Movie 2,0 km, Theatre. Bulgakov 2,0 km, Children's Musical theatre of Young Actor 2,0 km, Lenk 2,1 km, School Of Modern Drama 2,1 km, Electrotheatre Stanislavsky 2,1 km, Mtyuz 2,1 km, Theater BRIDGE 2,2 km, Theatre Practice 2,2 km, Concert hall "Izvestia Hall" 2,2 km, Circus of Nikulin on Tsvetnoy Boulevard 2,2 km, Theatre 31 2,2 km, Theatre Russia 2,3 km, Club Bud Arena (Club Ray Just Arena) 2,3 km, Shopping center na Strastnom 2,3 km, Children's theater A-z 2,4 km, The Theatre Of Nations 2,4 km, Musical theatre of Stanislavsky and Nemirovich – Danchenko 2,5 km, The Roman Catholic Cathedral 2,6 km, The Pushkin theatre 2,6 km, The Theatre Of S. A. D. 2,6 km, Mansion Spiridonov 2,6 km, ITC's "the Cherry orchard" 2,6 km, Teatr GITIS 2,7 km, MKHAT of bitter 2,7 km, Center of drama and directing 2,8 km, School of Dramatic art 2,8 km, The theater on Malaya Bronnaya 2,9 km, Central House Of Architect 2,9 km, Teatro ApARTe 3,0 km, Moscow art theatre named after A. P. Chekhov 3,0 km
Universities: MSTU "STANKIN" 0,5 km, MUCTR. Mendeleev 0,8 km, MIIT 0,8 km, RSUH 0,8 km, PA FSB 1,5 km, MSMSU 1,6 km, MUM 1,6 km, VOMO OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION 2,0 km, Them. Gorky 2,1 km, Msupe 2,7 km, MSLA 2,7 km, IBD 2,7 km, MGUU 2,8 km, WIS 3,0 km, MARCHI 3,0 km
Business centers: Chaika Plaza 0,2 km, The atmosphere 0,3 km, Salute 0,4 km, The atmosphere 0,4 km, The Young Guard 0,4 km, Meyerhold 0,5 km, Brigantina hall 0,5 km, Novoslobodskaya, 21 0,5 km, Baker Plaza 0,6 km, The Intelligence Park 0,6 km, Forest 43 0,6 km, Suschevsky 0,6 km, Friendship 0,7 km, Solutions 0,7 km, Yamskoe Plaza 0,7 km, Safa 0,7 km, Savelovsky 0,8 km, Kaskad-Mebel 0,8 km, Amber Plaza 0,9 km, Novosuschevsky 0,9 km, Lesnaya Plaza 0,9 km, Northern Lights 0,9 km, White Gardens 0,9 km, Shant Building 1,0 km, Mar 1,0 km, Yamskaya field 1,0 km, Kondor-Trade 1,0 km, Shant Building 1,0 km, White Square 1,0 km, Dux 1,0 km, Novoslobodskaya 1,0 km, White Square 1,0 km, The Golden age 1,0 km, Yamskaya Center 1,1 km, White Square 1,1 km, Artagon 1,1 km, Novoslobodskaya 1,1 km, Savelovsky 1,1 km, On Maslovka 1,2 km, The Business Center Of Neurosurgery 1,2 km, Fadeeva 5 1,2 km, Novo Building 1,2 km, Dvintsev 1,2 km, Sail 1,3 km, Owlet 1,3 km, Garden Plaza 1,4 km, Four Winds Plaza 1,4 km, Hermitage plaza 1,4 km, Cascade 1,5 km, Butyrskaya 1,5 km, Centre for business cooperation 1,5 km, Armory Plaza 1,5 km

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+7 (903) 290-5250
Rogov Vladimir Petrovich
an expert in the field of real estate
Company benefits
Real estate investments
When buying an investment apartment, the main criterion is its liquidity. The apartment should be in an ideal location, in a brick or monolithic house with quality repair, then sell her guaranteed
Architectural design
Each repair is performed on a unique design project performed under the supervision of a professional designer with specialized education
Assistance in obtaining a mortgage
Customers Avangard77 have preferences in partner banks in the form of lower rates on loans, longer maturity and short time of loan application
The quality of the repair
the proposal Avangard77 is unique in today's real estate market, because we GUARANTEE the quality of our repairs for 1 year
Registration for 3 days
Such a short term of paperwork related to the fact that all the apartments belong to a legal entity. In these apartments no one lives, they are totally free
Transactions for cash and cashless payments
Clearing relieves the customers from possible risks associated with the storage, conversion and transportation funds. This is especially useful for buyers from distant cities
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tel.: +7 (903) 290-5250
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