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Real estate services from real estate Agency "Avangard77"

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All types of real estate services in the Moscow real estate market

From 1995 the activities of the staff of the real estate Agency "Avangard77" associated with the provision of real estate services on Moscow and & nbsp; near Moscow real estate market. Buying, selling, traveling, settlement, exchanges, legal review and consultation — all these services provided our experts to the clients seeking help us to solve their housing problems.

If you do not fit the apartment with the repair of the number presented on the site, you can contact us and we will find, we will check and arrange for You another apartment in which we will perform repairs according to your requirements.
Taking into account the high site traffic and numerous appeals of buyers looking for an apartment with repair and "repair", we we offer sellers of apartments services on a complex of works on search of the buyer and carrying out transactions of any complexity, congresses, exchanges, etc.). In particular, we consider Your home purchase Agency "Авангард77", speaking the buyer of your property.
of redevelopment
If You have any need to perform, and to legalize alterations to (Central and South-Western administrative district), we can render a complex of services in carrying out necessary actions for reduction of planning decisions in compliance with regulatory and legislative requirements.
Suburban real estate
If you have a need for sale of the country house which is available for You we are ready to discuss options of use of ours opportunities in finding the buyer and conducting the transaction.
Mortgage from Sberbank
The company Avangard77 is a partner of Sberbank. Our facilities you will see in the database objects recommended by mortgage borrowers of the savings Bank. Our clients also receive preferences under the mortgage of Sberbank is 0.3%
Constant customers
The clients served by us have preferences and discounts at the repeated address or at the recommendation of us to the acquaintances and friends. Address!

From 2006 the main profile service for customers of the company Avangard77 is the sale of purchased in the secondary market apartments with executed in them high-quality designer renovation. The purchase of apartments in the market for this activity is carried out in a continuous mode, adding to the portfolio of repairs performed by the company and satisfying customer requests for purchase of apartments with high-quality repair.

however, customers purchasing from us flats with repair satisfied with the quality of their real estate services often turn to our experts with offer to assist in solving other housing ( nbsp;nbsp;only) issues of their relatives, acquaintances friends. These appeals allow us to be in "tone" all the time, to maintain the qualification of employees at the proper level, to be aware of all the nuances and subtleties of both the changing legislation and the various trends in the real estate market.

Also we are often approached for help to advise, sell, and disperse provide other specialized services as residents of the University district, and around the South-Western direction (from Moscow to New Moscow), where the company specializes in Авангард77 purchased apartments to hold in their repair is manifested as primary and especially strong.

we Invite You to benefit from the experience and professionalism of our staff and contact us with Your questions for sale, purchase, assessment, consultations on the housing topics. We will be glad to help You and become Your trusted to help resolve Your housing issues.

tel.: +7 (903) 290-5250
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