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Design repair of apartments and houses in Moscow and Moscow region

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The designer repair of apartments in Moscow

A quality repair of apartments and cottages on the author's design project in Moscow and the Moscow region

  • Repair of 2-rooms apartment 51,3 m2
    Victory square, d. 2 korp.2
    in the style «Classic»
  • Repair of 3-rooms apartment 82 m2
    street Dmitry Ulyanov d. 24
    in the style «Modern interior»
  • Repair of 3-rooms apartment 85,1 m2
    Prospekt Mira, 124, K. 19
    in the style «Provence»
  • Repair of 3-rooms apartment 72,6 m2
    Leninsky prospect, 36
    in the style «Modern interior»
  • Repair of 3-rooms apartment 79,1 m2
    street of Builders, d. 7к2
    in the style «Ecletica»
  • Repair of 2-rooms apartment 55 m2
    Leninsky prospect, 74
    in the style «Country»

Repair of your apartment by the author's design project. If you like the style and the quality of the repair carried out by specialists of "Avangard77", we are ready to perform a quality renovation of your apartment on individual design project in a short time - 4 months. We only provide you a repair warranty for 1 year after acceptance of apartment.

We are not a regular contractor, so the scheme of our work has been on the market. Please carefully read with her, before you request a repair. Estimate repair costs using the calculator on this page.

What is the designer repair by "Avangard77"?

Examples of repair by "Avangard77"

2-rooms apartment, Novy Arbat, d. 16, 53 m2
Work layout

Our advantages

Referals of "Avangard77"

With great and sincere pleasure to our family joins many positive reviews and gratitude to the wonderful real estate Agency "Avangard-77" with its talented, highly professional and friendly team who helped us in the design and purchase of your lovely apartments!
And, of course, a huge thanks for the great hard work, participation and
the warmth in relationships and a highly qualified advice and assistance to our dear curator of the Diachkova, Irina Valentinovna - high the specialist and the expert Agency "Avangard-77".

From the family Polyakovs - doctor - cosmonaut-investigator, "Pilot-cosmonaut of the USSR". Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Russian Federation Valery Vladimirovich Polyakov; spouse Nelly Polyakova Feodorovna - doctor of the highest category.


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The Family Polyakovs

Sell the bare walls under the standard of the finished product is one of the features of the Russian market of real estate. I am grateful to the company Avangard77 that she chose the format of a civilized market of real estate - apartments for sale "ready to use" (nobody sells a car unpainted without upholstery, but with the possibility of self-revision and the target date commencement of operation - half a year).
I am Confident that the company will be successful, because in addition to high-quality product - the apartment, the company provides each client a priceless product for Russia "fairness": all agreements are executed, the statements are corroborated by all the employees are credible, their actions are transparent and focused on the ultimate success of the transaction.
I Want to wish the company every success, make from a niche product standard for the real estate market of Russia!

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I Want to write about Your work and the work of Your Agency.

Picked up their apartment in Moscow. This was the main condition for me due to certain circumstances. Sites on the Internet watched a lot. But this accessible and informative such as the company website Avangard77, no. Very nice photos and description of apartments. Choosing an apartment for your request, I immediately dialed the phone of the expert, listed on the site, Marina Tolstolutskiy. Marina is very detailed and friendly answered all my questions and appealing to me in viewing the apartment. And after inspection, I only strengthened in their choice. All that was on the website, and what I was told by Marina, untrue. My further cooperation with experts of the company was also very easy and enjoyable.

In processing the transaction helped me a lot expert Shpola Tatiana and Deputy General Director Elena K. Rasskazova. They promptly and professionally prepare all the necessary documents, advised me on various issues and participated directly in the transaction. I want to Express my gratitude to all employees of the company Avangard77 who helped me in the selection and design of the apartment.

Thank you for your excellent work! Now I am the owner of an apartment with excellent repair!

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I was lucky to find and purchase an apartment in the company vanguard 77 under repair. Did not expect that people so responsibly, professionally and with love to their work. From Tolstolutskiy Marina at the show apartment and for with professionalism and kindness. I want to emphasize how calmly and professionally deal happened thanks to Rasskazova Elena Konstantinovna. A very pleasant and positive communication with Alla Vishnevskaya G. Samoilov and Oleg Pavlovich. Designer Andrew like the wizard guessed all my desires, and a construction crew headed by foreman Vyacheslav embodied dreams into reality. I would also like to acknowledge the work of the Director for production Smagin Tamara for the quick resolution of all issues

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I Want to thank the staff of the company Avangard 77 for the sensitive attention to customers, professionalism and a great business decision from a small, inconvenient to live in cage homes to make stylish and cozy apartment.
This solution saved me from many problems related to the organization of life in the new apartment!

Thank you for Your work and care! I wish you continued growth and prosperity!


I would like to thank the staff of "Avangard77", especially Marina Yurievna Tolstolutsky, for the excellent work. Individual approach to its customers, accurate and on time fulfillment of all its obligations, attention to the smallest detail - all this arouses admiration for the work of a team of professionals, satisfaction and joy of buying. Special thanks to Marina jurevne for the amazing attention to all our wishes. "Avangard77" is a unique company for work in the real estate market in Moscow today. A company website is the best example of how it should be and work! Can only dream that ALL worked exactly as your professional team. Thanks again!

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the quality of the repair can be noted not just by me. All measurer furniture surprised the smoothness of the walls, pramesti angles, planes, floors, etc., Even a little sorry I don't have in the next couple of years to change the apartment and come back in Avangard77. A big thank you to everyone who worked with me.

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The price level of repair

The cost of your repair depends on the set of selected options. However, it cannot be below a certain basic level,
which includes the following works and services:

  • Turn-key repair of all premises
  • Replacement of all communications
    • electrician
    • plumber
    • low current (cable television, digital network)
  • Changing
    • the entrance and interior doors
    • windows
    • window sills
    • radiators
In addition, you can order additional options. Use the calculator below to estimate the cost of Your repair.

The price level of Your repair from rub per m2

The level of finishing materials (including floor, walls)
The level of household appliances
3D visualization
Design and linkage of exclusive textile
Installation and hanging of chandeliers according to customer's choice
The choice of materials together with the designer
Coordinated redevelopment
Built-in kitchen
Heated floors
Installation of built-in light
Balcony glazing
The resulting price is not an offer. Calculated to assess the level of costs. The exact price will be given in the commercial the proposal.
Send a request through the form below. Our staff will contact you for further details.
Call now +7 (495) 777-33-55

Send a request for a free project evaluation

The total cost from
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