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Selling with the repair of apartments in Moscow. "Avangard77"

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Customer referals on "Avangard77"

the banking sector
Oct 03, 2018
The company's experts:

I Want to thank the staff of the company Avangard 77 for the sensitive attention to customers, professionalism and a great business decision from a small, inconvenient to live in cage homes to make stylish and cozy apartment.
This solution saved me from many problems related to the organization of life in the new apartment!

Thank you for Your work and care! I wish you continued growth and prosperity!

the banking sector
Sep 06, 2018
The company's experts:

After a long unsuccessful searches for a suitable and painful for all parameters of the apartment we accidentally finally found what I was looking for. In this regard, a great joy and relief want to thank all the wonderful employees of the company Avangard 77.
having Lived many years and having significant experience with various organizations, I can say that this company is a rare exception in our time. And it's a nice extra bonus to the process of acquisition of the housing. Professional, friendly, responsible, helpful (!) and, most importantly, deeply interested and loving your job is the staff. Such a big happy family, under the spell of which you get immediately. A huge thank you to all who participated in our process: Alla Belova, Tamara, Vladimir, Elena and others.

Brief on the case:


  1. Apartment with a ready repair is a Savior and panacea for those who value their time, money and nerves. Believe me, I've experienced a lot of repairs. Don't want to. 
  2. Apartment made an impression "of my" in the first 5 minutes. The decoration used is very high quality and modern materials, plumbing fixtures, appliances, built-in furniture and so on. 
  3. Separate paragraph deserves the taste and design skill with which it is invented and designed. Even for my picky taste is hard to find something that I categorically did not take. And even if there are some things that you want to alter, then they in no way spoil the picture. It's just the tastes of each.
  4. Huge bonus apartment maintenance (for repair) within the next year. So people are confident in the quality of services provided. Plus a lifetime warranty on the Windows.
  5. We have contact all necessary people (furniture, fitted wardrobes, curtains, etc.), whom we approached in the process and received a very significant discount for customers of the campaign.
  6. All questions, comments, suggestions, etc. was performed quickly and accurately.
  7. All the questions of registration of documents (any), access to the transaction, etc. are made with amazing Moscow speed and comfort.
  8. We got a competent, complete, detailed answers to all questions up to the details on the transfer counters.


Summary: with all responsibility I can recommend this company to work with. Save your time and nerves. And thank you again team members Alla G. Vishnevskaya. With this promise you will always be in demand. Good luck!


Sep 14, 2016

Recently bought an apartment in the company of avant-garde 77.
would Like to Express its gratitude to the expert Tolstolutskiy Marina Yu for professional services in the field of buying property in your company.
Marina Yu continues to support me as his client, on all issues now.
Also - a special "thank you" I would like to Express Rasskazova Elena Konstantinovna for not less than sensitive attitude towards the client and support during the implementation of the transaction.

Aug 19, 2016

We found our apartment on the website of the company Avangard 77. In the photo she loved it and an hour later was followed by the screening. Expert shpolyanskaya Tatiana met us,all details shown and described . The apartment is very good repair and interesting design. The decision to buy this apartment was there! The transaction took place in 2 days! We worked with Oleg Pavlovich, Elena and Tatiana. All very fast, reliable and professional! The company undertakes the design and submission for registration of all documents that it saves our time!
Tatyana, a special thank You for the professionalism and sincere attitude towards customers!

energy company, economist
Aug 08, 2016

I Express my sincere gratitude to the staff and management of the company to the forefront of 77 for professional services in the field of real estate and repairs.

Recently bought an apartment with a ready repair. Very happy with the quality of repairs and implementation of design decisions embodied in the space of the apartment. Everything is left to chance. Thank the designers and builders for my dream.
Special thanks to the employees of the Company Rogov Vladimir Petrovich and Rasskazova Elena Konstantinovna for the highest professionalism and sensitivity to the client.

I Want to note the operational work of employees in the preparation of all necessary documents and to arrange access to the transaction in minimal time. All very well and conveniently organized in terms of saving the client's time.

Thank Samoilov Oleg Pavlovich for fruitful negotiations at the stage of making decisions about the purchase of apartment and the implementation of the transaction. Aerobatics.

I Will recommend this company as the best in the real estate market and repair their colleagues and friends and hope to meet with a fantastic team Avangard 77 in the future.

New York
Jan 20, 2016
The company's experts:

Thank you very much to all the team Avangard77! Loved the apartment and the repair! The team worked very professionally! Everyone was very helpful and clear! Special thanks to Alla Fosdick and Elena Pavlova!

Jan 14, 2016
The company's experts:

Our family is sincerely grateful Авангарду77 - all the staff highly professional and friendly people - for their excellent work. This stylish, high-quality and sophisticated design and repair we would never be able to think and perform. Many thanks to the expert the Diachkova, Irina Valentinovna for attentive, intelligent attitude and a clear and supportive process.

the doctor
Jan 11, 2016

I was lucky to find and purchase an apartment in the company vanguard 77 under repair. Did not expect that people so responsibly, professionally and with love to their work. From Tolstolutskiy Marina at the show apartment and for with professionalism and kindness. I want to emphasize how calmly and professionally deal happened thanks to Rasskazova Elena Konstantinovna. A very pleasant and positive communication with Alla Vishnevskaya G. Samoilov and Oleg Pavlovich. Designer Andrew like the wizard guessed all my desires, and a construction crew headed by foreman Vyacheslav embodied dreams into reality. I would also like to acknowledge the work of the Director for production Smagin Tamara for the quick resolution of all issues

senior Manager
Nov 19, 2015
The company's experts:

I Express my gratitude to Fedosov Andrey Ivanovich for high professionalism and individual approach to customers. Buying an apartment from Avangrad 77, I was convinced that this company is the best in its segment. Separately, I note that renovation is very high quality, in the apartment everything is thought out to the smallest detail. Thank you. Keep it up!

Zoe and Vladimir
Oct 27, 2015
The company's experts:

I Want to thank the staff of the company "Avangard77" for high professionalism, responsiveness, modern design taste. After reviewing the portfolio of completed apartments, purchased the apartment in the process of repair. I liked the attitude of professionals to their work and to customers. Soft and unobtrusive interaction with me, understanding of desires and their satisfaction. Satisfied that he had met the company with which we have a full harmony. I would also like to thank Alla and Tamara Vishneve Smagin. Success and good luck

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