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Secondary housing market: a mixed business class

Although the secondary housing market flat business class are almost one and a half times more expensive than economy class, very often between the two variants there are no significant differences. The situation in the first place, due to the fact that a clear definition of the business segment is still missing.

Business class: housing secondary and primary
Secondary business class – the concept is quite new and vague. An important role plays the fact that before gaining the status of the business housing any apartment belongs to the economy segment, has a value and the total uncertainty of the wording. After all, even in the primary housing market no specific criteria that can be considered as a property to any class. A vivid confirmation of — a number of apartments which, depending on the situation and talent marketers, refer to the business segment, it is again referred to as budget accommodation.

However, secondary apartments of business class still, can be distinguished from the objects just named. About the settings that you should pay attention to, told employees "Avangard77".

Location matters
Apartment business class is located in a prestigious area (, southwest, the main thoroughfare of Moscow). Even the most wonderful accommodations with excellent repair and convenient layout, located, for example, Ryazan prospectus, cannot be attributed to a business segment.

When this determinant is not even the infrastructure that over the years the old parts is only getting better. Bad transport accessibility, heterogeneous social composition of the population, not the highest place in the ranking of the prestigious areas – that's sufficient grounds to refuse a housing assignment business status. Accordingly, the value of such proposals in any case must be lower than the price of the real estate segment of the business.

Beauty and convenience
The apartment business segment can't go on a busy urban highway. Is that located on the top floors, overlooking beautiful panoramic views.

A house of this class, as a rule, equipped with all necessary communications systems and high-speed noiseless lifts. Also important is the organization of territory. Green spaces equipped for relaxation, the yard, Playground – all of this must make the life of the owner of the business housing even more comfortable. In addition, an appropriate price range provides for availability of Parking spaces (at least one per apartment).

General Director of "Avangard77" Alla Vishnevskaya notes that, if these conditions are not met, the apartment should cost less than option that matches the requirements listed, because a true business class it cannot be called.

Business size
The minimum size of a Studio apartment business segment is 50 sq m, bedroom – 100 sq m (for comparison: the similar size of economy ranging 80-100 sq m).
Although such an object is placed in a high-rise building, the total number of apartments in the house should not exceed 300 pieces. However, some experts do not consider housing as a real estate business class if the building has more than one hundred apartments.

And what about materials?
The house in which the apartment is located in the business segment, – sure brick, with improved design. Distinctive features of the building:

  • green landscaped courtyards
  • apartments with larger dimensions;
  • high ceilings
  • exquisite staircase.

However, not all brick house belong to business class. Why are only half-century of Khrushchev or nine, without which today is difficult to imagine Moscow. Apartments in these buildings under any circumstances not attributable to the business segment. Because the material of the walls, though important, but does not determine the level of comfort of the house. High-quality interior, the opportunity at its discretion to dispose of the open space housing – here are just some of the requirements that apply to the object in the business class.


But the "Stalinka" located in the center, and renovated old buildings specialists from the accounts not written off. In accordance to other criteria of apartments in such buildings may well claim the proud title of the real estate business class.

Exclusive interior decoration
Housing business segment – this apartment for sale. Only one simulation condition in this case is clearly insufficient. For the decoration of such apartments, as a rule, developed individual project, hired professional designers and architects.

In addition, the repair often involves alterations to the apartment: kitchen with dining room, bathroom, extension, extra interior partitions.

Redevelopment of housing that are not related to the business class, rarely carried out legally. Since it is often contrary to city regulations, to formally document the change impossible.

Alla Vishnevskaya draws attention to the fact that excellent documents – is an essential attribute of apartments in the secondary business class. Redevelopment of such object is produced legally and is documented in the respective papers, so the new owner will not have any problems with the authorities.

Seasonality in the secondary housing market business-class
Oct 21, 2013
Seasonality characteristic of the real estate market, is not as relevant as before. The activity of buyers less dependent on the seasons, although, according to experts of the company "Avangard77" (GC "MIEL"), a definite link between customer demand and for months remained on the secondary housing market business-class. Understanding the reasons for the surge of interest in real estate this type, it is possible with high probability to predict sales.
The apartment with ready repair
Nov 21, 2013
Today on the real estate market in Russia there is a new and already quite popular business segment — the sale of apartments under the key with a fine finish and fully finished interior. Although the proposition has its noticeable advantages: in the client apartment, ready to move in. Online magazine writing about real estate, find out the prices for this service and details.
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