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The apartment with ready repair

Today on the real estate market in Russia there is a new and already quite popular business direction — sale of apartments under the key with a fine finish and fully finished interior. Although the proposition has its noticeable advantages: in the client apartment, ready to move in. Online magazine writing about real estate, find out the prices for this service and details.

In Western countries-apartments for sale fully renovated — normal and very common phenomenon. "In the United States to sell apartments with outstanding finishes in high-rise buildings is generally prohibited, as the repair produced by the buyer, may not meet all technical requirements and safety standards", - says CEO of "Kalinka-realty" Ekaterina Rumyantseva.

In Russia steady demand for apartments with a fine finish emerged in the early 2000-ies. Busy people for whom time is not less valuable than money, began to increasingly turn to this option. Naturally, the property finish is of high demand among people wanting to purchase an apartment business class. An opportunity to get ready accommodations with luxurious repair is attractive primarily for business and wealthy people who value their time and seek high quality of life. Nonetheless interesting real estate options for repairs, and there are now in economy class.

"In these flats all the necessary work: walls, floors, and Windows communications prior to the installation of imported sanitary ware and kitchen furniture", — said the General Director of company "MIEL-Brokerage" Alex shlenov.

"Besides saving time, in this case the buyer saves his nerves, because he doesn't have to understand how to perform concrete ties and other technical matters", — said the head of the architectural Bureau Villagio Estate Andrew łagowskie.

According to the estimate of Andrey Ufimtsev, sales Director of the company "New Quality", including luxury apartments 30% are sold with repair and decoration. In business class this percentage is somewhat lower (20%), and economy — about 10  million.

Tastes and good style
It seems that the finished flat business class have an obvious drawback: tastes of the buyer and the designer companies can not match. But experience shows that these fears are unfounded. The fact is that nowadays people are surrounded with a sufficient quantity of information, including visual, on trends in interior design, and is therefore performed in accordance with the work of contemporary designers is usually valued by the buyer. Besides the flats intended for sale, are the winning, proven solutions.

Andrew łagowskie of Villagio Estate reveals some of the nuances of this approach to design space: "the Choice of colors is made in favor of a calm, pleasant shades: light beige, ivory, pastel colors. Room facing North, execute better in warm colours. If the room is South, you can use more cool colors. The main General trend in modern design — creating the effect of space and light. Avoid the clutter of unnecessary details and solutions that create the impression of being closed".

Since the announcement of the sale of the apartment out before it completed, the buyers who fit the district and area, and often make their choices at this stage. And then they have the opportunity to discuss with experts, the style and all the interior details right in the process of its creation.

Finishing work carried out by members of the creative division of the company-Builder or invited specialists design Bureau. In special cases, for the decoration of apartments with an excellent renovation in Moscow, developers can seek the services of famous designers, including foreign celebrities. The fit is not for everyone, because the price per square meter in this case increases in 2000-5000 dollars. However, if the object — luxury apartment in the center of Moscow, this approach can be justified. For example, for creating interiors in the residential complex "Eurasia tower" in MIBC "Moscow-city" the company "Kalinka-realty" recommended famous designer Philippe Starck. "This project is designed for people, not only wealthy, but also fashionable, therefore we have selected a specialist with a worldwide reputation", — said the Director of "Kalinka-realty" Ekaterina Rumyantseva.

Actual price
If Philippe Starck is not everyone can afford, this does not mean that the design should be abandoned. Even usual work, but educated and experienced designers distinguishes an apartment from that which was made by the traditional repair. The prices for the services of such professionals are quite reasonable: on average, a thousand rubles per square meter.

Knowing this figure, and the amount of all other required costs, it is possible to compare the cost of the finished flats and similar, the repair of which was made by the buyer.
For example, consider a small two-bedroom apartment with already finished on the street, offered by the company "MIEL". Its price is 12 500 000 rubles. Similar repair option in the area will cost a little more than 9 million (approximately 9,177 million roubles). Taking into account all costs associated with remodeling, renovation, finishing and design, the value of this object will be close to 10 million roubles (the time spent, mental and physical strength is not taken into account). In the end, the difference is 2 million 500 thousand rubles. This is a very rough estimate, which cannot be taken into account all the points that increase the cost of the process. Experts say about the difference in price for finished apartments in Moscow and the estate without finishing, called the figure 20% as the most common in practice.

Who cares?
Major clients in this case — wealthy people, for example, businesses that have money but no time to spare. Since overhaul — the case is long and troublesome, so people find it easier buy an apartment in Moscow with furniture. In addition, many simply do not want to waste your time to repair, even acting as a customer to see the bare walls, dirty floors, builders, to think about procurement, to do the work and wait. Therefore, those who can afford it, prefer flat business class in Moscow under the key.

As for economy in this segment too there are offers available, and the demand for such services is quite high. Alexei shlyonov gives an example: "We purchased apartment in a brick 9-storey buildings of the Soviet period and do alterations. Apartment becomes more spacious and more comfortable. Remaining in the segment, it approaches the higher class, while maintaining very affordable price."

The apartment with ready repair are often offered in the most popular districts of Moscow: South-West, West, centre, North. "To do an expensive repair somewhere in Kuzminki not worth it, — said the head of the division of residential premises and the mortgage company "BEST real Estate" Natalia Levchenko — you need to consider the relationship between area, type of house and cost of finishing. But clean and fresh apartment is newly renovated and always interesting".

"Ready repair increases the demand on the apartment ’ sums up Alexei shlenov. — There are other factors, such as the area or level of the house, but fully repaired, of course, makes the property particularly attractive."

Today in Moscow the apartment with ready repair is a relatively new service, more in demand in the segment of business class and luxury housing. Many buyers of this category agree to pay 20% more to have the opportunity to choose a ready-made, beautiful and comfortable accommodation.

However, this option may be popular with anyone looking to buy an apartment in Moscow. Real estate prices with a fine finish will always be higher, but the optimal ratio of cost and quality even objects of economy under the key will be in demand. The ability to do repairs and get everything in a day of shopping attracts many people, so the popularity of this service will only increase, and global experience to confidently confirms this.

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